Show of hands.. Who HAS received their A/W Le Monde in the mail?

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  1. The other day I was wondering about the scarf booklet and today Kristie's thread about Madder Red has ignited my curiousity about the new Le Monde. Who has indeed received theirs in the mail? It's the one with the black n white cover.

    I haven't received it yet (Aus).
  2. I haven't received it yet, but I picked one up at my store....
  3. I haven't got mine yet.
  4. I have mine (German edition)
  5. Can someone just scan the real yummy pages and post it on tPf for us who have not received it (or may not receive it at all) to admire?
  6. i have too
  7. I picked up my issue at the boutique.
  8. I got the tie booklet, but I'm not interested in ties :confused1:
  9. No book in mail. Hermes is very sporadic in mailing them to me.
    I don't get scarf booklet regularly either, but DO get the tie book, which I don't care at all about, have never bought a tie. CRAZY marketing.....

    Picked Le Monde up at store.
  10. I have recieved 2 ..... !!!:yes:
  11. I got my Le Monde & Scarf booklet a couple days ago in the same package as my McBeaver Mccharm. :P
  12. McBeaver McCharm? Does Hermes make a Beaver charm?
  13. Mine is in the mail.... Can't wait!
  14. I haven't receive any booklets yet! Help!
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