Show of Hands, Please!

  1. Who, besides me that is, despises clothing tags? :censor:

    I know the clothing manufacturers have to put a size, care and maker name in clothing, but is it REALLY necessary to stitch the little monsters right into the garment?? I'm not talking about the semi-discrete ones that are stitched into a seam, but the ones that they sew right into the back (especially sweaters, knit tops and tees). It's not only tacky when you see someone's back, but so irritating the way they scratch your skin!

    And some clothing lines put 3-5 different tags in different places in the garment. What's up with that? Banana Republic and Ann Taylor are the worst offenders of the clothing lines I frequent. I don't do high end clothing though, so I don't know at what price point the manufacturers draw the line.

    I've gotten so psychotic about clothing tags lately that as soon as I get a garment home and I'm certain I'm keeping it, I get my handy-dandy seam ripper out and get rid of the little beasties!! It's so liberating!! :wlae:
  2. LOL!!! I don't hate the little beasties as much as you do...but they are scratchy and annoying. I need to get myself a seam-ripper thingamabob too!
  3. oooh yes, both my hands are frantically up in the air :biggrin:

    I have quite sensitive skin and hate hate hate the ones at the back of the neck, and the ones down the sides so that they scratch your waist, oooh so horrible.
  4. I hate them. I have really sensitive skin, and the tags give me little blisters!:censor:
  5. yes, bad...VERY BAD!!
  6. and when they put them on see through tops (ANYNEED)
  7. I am with you!!! I just found a company that makes tank tops (because I LIVE in them in the summer) with the washing instruction, etc. printed on the garment so there is no label to itch my back!!!:nuts: I LOVE it!!! I believe Hanes does that too (DH has a few items with no tags from them).
  8. I know what you mean!! tags can be so annoying! plus, there are times like yesterday what the tag of my skirt wouldn't say put inside and friends kept on coming over to me to put it back in!!! very irritating! anyway, gap makes their tee without tags so its actually on the shirt! so does hanes i believe and a couple others brands too but i can't remember right now...
  9. They are annoying and itchy!

    My memory may be fading, but a few years back I worked in the import/export business. The regulations may vary by country, but for clothing imports into the US (and maybe for US-made clothing too) there was a requirement that fabric content and fabric care labels had to be made to withstand at least 50 washing machine cycles. So that's why they are so darned annoying! :weird:
  10. Yeah i find them itchy too ! i cut them out.
  11. At least a lot of t-shirt manufacturers are catching on to this gripe and print the label info onto the inside of the shirt. I'm thankful for that.
  12. Definitely. The one Banana Republic item I adore is their "Timeless Tee" line. Very nicely woven cotton and NO labels!!! :yahoo:
  13. They don't really bother me, for some reason, even though I have sensitive skin. :shrugs:

    My BF's feelings about them, however, are a whole different story; he hates them with a passion (even the softest ones scratch his skin, apparently) and will make himself late for appointments, obsessively removing them! :rolleyes:
  14. I hate them as well. Esp the ones along the side - they are constantly bothering me.
  15. Yes! Tagless tops are super! And, I've noticed that a lot of companies are begining to make long, silky, ribbon-like tags. Those are nice too.