Show-n-tell; show us your most unique bag.

  1. I know there are some good ones there!

    Mine, cerise Lizard Pouchette...Love her!

  2. Ooh...that's HOT!
  3. I have a feeling I'm gonna love this thread!

    Pics, please! :drool:
  4. come on, 'guys' us yours....I showed you mine ;)

    Here she is with the rest of her family!

  5. :love: My Waltz Oskar!!! THE Holy Grail of LV (at least for me:graucho:):
  6. 1995 SE from the LV America's Cup...
  7. My Trompe L'oeil Pochette:


    Although I have to admit it isn't as special as it once was to me. I am currently looking to have this spot filled by a new bag shortly.
  8. Awww, I love the silver one Michelle, what is it called again, shiny something :confused1: Anyway, gorgeous bags ladies, all of them!

  9. McKenna Shine bag! : )
  10. which bag is going to replace it michelle? :heart:
  11. Hahahaha. I will pm you! : )
  12. twinkle love your pouchette and your shoe collection...must check out your whole it on the collection thread in this forum????

    All of my bags are standard icons speedy 30, LH and pouchette assecoire so my most unique would be my aureilla black mm it and want matching mules for spring/ is my most unique bag because it is different from mono canvas also it is my most $$$$...I love black MC!!!!
  13. :sad: mines not that sexy lol i love the cherries so cute.
  14. Part of its, I just started it, and admit I am pretty lazy about taking pictures, so it will be going up slowly...

    Michelle, love the McKenna Shine bag! Super cute and super unique!
  15. My Fringe Speedy and probably after my Mizi Vienna :yes: