Show me your Zuccas!

  1. I am thinking that I really want to try a Zucca next, but I have never seen one in person. I would love to see your pics to help me make up my mind. :smile:
  2. [​IMG]
    my most recent zucca, the l'amore ^^

    ^^ one of my top faves, the paradiso

    my first zucca, the pirata
  3. :huh:o!! you should most definitely get one! i think by far they are my favorite :smile: i only have 2 right now though... waiting for vacanze xD

    my first toki:

    my favorite!
  4. I :love: zuccas! I have the following:



    I have 2 other inferno zuccas too, but I haven't gotten around to taking photos yet ^^;
  5. i think zuccas are fantastic. Perfect size , imo. However I just got rid of my one and only AS zucca. If Hawaii wasn't out of them in transporto i'd go pick one up... lol one of these days I'll get one. Everyone has such pretty ones and im super jealous of the CR one !!!
  6. i don't have one, but i have been debating on wether or not to get one, i just love my gioco's so much.
  7. i love zuccas and have 4 of them:

    adios star
  8. Oh, and kkiimm, your paradiso zucca is tdf! :drool:
  9. Ok, I definitely need a Zucca! :graucho:

    Silver Skyy - that Inferno is TDF!!!! :drool:
  10. My lone tokidoki.. but soon enough, it'll be joined by others. :graucho:

  11. [​IMG]
  12. WOW!!! That is GORGEOUS!!!! :drool:
  13. hehe thanks! i was really ecstatic when i found it..even when i already hv a foresta zucca then i knew i had to have it :p
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]
  15. Here is my Pirata Zucca!
    zuccapirata.jpg zucca.jpg