Show me your YELLOW GOLD engagement and wedding rings

  1. So I'm a gold girl and I find it sooo hard to find beautiful yellow gold engagement rings and wedding sets. So if you have a yellow gold wedding ring, engagement ring or wedding set show me it here please !
  2. Check out and look under the 'Show Me the Ring' forum. There is a sticky at the top that is titled 'Engagement Ring Eye Candy' (or something like that). You will find a ton there.

    I also love yellow gold, my wedding set it yellow gold!
  3. Most rings I have seen.. are yellow gold.. but the Diamonds are still set in white gold.. to show of the stones.

    I prefer it this way.. because it still goes with both yellow and white gold.. bracelets and such.
  4. Here ya go!

    I usually wear my titanium wedding band with my e-ring...the metals don't quite match (silver-gray vs. silvery-white), but i like the color difference.

    I also have a 2mm 24k band that I wear for "dress up" when I want to show off the contrast. I love the yummy deep gold of 24k, and I like how white/yellow metals look beside each other.


  5. my wedding band is 18k gold!

    this is the first piece of yellow gold ive ever owned...i normally wear white gold, but i loved the contrast between the white gold and yellow gold with the yellow sapphire!
    picture 3.jpg
  6. courtneyh! I love your rings!!
  7. thanksss!!! we searched and searched and finally i fell in love, i sware i tried on like 100 rings!
  8. Here is mine...engagement ring, with one David Yurman eternity band in the first pic, and then a pic of my 4 DY bands in the second....two rose gold, two yellow gold!

  9. great choice! They are TDF!!:drool:
  10. I LOVE those bands!!!! I want another band for my ring, but i cant find anything to "match" or "work" with my set
  11. Courtney, I love your ring too :drool:

    Mine are not very exciting - which is just how I wanted them! My wedding band is 14K, the engagement band is 18K and the stone setting is platinum. The stone itself is a smidge over a half a carat, and used to belong to my DH's grandmother :love:

    I'm a lousy photographer, but you get the idea!