show me your "WORKHORSE" H bags!

  1. Inspired by the "Do you really USE your H bag?" thread, and by the recent Jane Birkin bag assault video - I'm curious about WORKHORSE H bags...

    Please post pictures of your well-used H bags. Tell us about them!

    * WARNING: viewer discretion is strongly advised! *

    To get things started, here is a lovely 1998 35 cm togo Birkin, which I adopted in a very used - er, I mean loved - condition. The existing "damage" (i.e. badly worn corners, scratches, etc.) is actually completely liberating. There is no worry with this bag!
    theworkhorse.jpg workhorse-flash.jpg workhorse2.jpg attachment.jpg
  2. very good thread! i'm looking forward to seeing the pics!!
  3. Oh, i LOVE your bag, PIAFFE!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
  4. Oh I love your pic AND your bag !!!!
  5. What a fabulous bag! And still very chic.

    And you're in good company. There is a photo in the Hermes scarf catalgf for S/S 2008 of a VERY worn Kelly -- no leather over the corners at all.
  6. I love it, such a great idea for a thread! I am looking forward to seeing some great pictures.x
  7. Love yours Piaffe. Here is my workhorse: 30 cm togo with pall h/w

  8. Here's my workhorse......30cm Havane Swift......I just jam everything inside this baby and drag it everywhere!!!! Hopefully, one of these days it'll look nicely broken-in.....we're getting there......
  9. attachment-1.jpg attachment-2.jpg attachment-3.jpg attachment-4.jpg
  10. I totally missed that thread! I'm glad I wasn't the only one fascinated by that scruffy Kelly. Still looks fabulous, doesn't it.
  11. S'Mom, thanks for showing your swift! I am being very delicate with mine (well, the dumpings of snow we've had aren't conducive to nice bags!) and it's nice to see that it can take some real use!
  12. Piaffe, has your bag ever been to the spa? If not, would you send it, or do you think that would make you more careful with it?
  13. It spent 3 months at the spa in 2007! This is as good as it will get...
  14. S'Mom and Rose, Your bags look pristine!
    Great thread!
  15. Well, Piaffe, that just means you can totally enjoy it!