SHOW me your WALLETS!!

  1. I have the bleecker khaki/black checkbook wallet. :tup: I love it because it matches all bags, even black or brown, it holds all of my stuff and checkbook/register, all my change, receipts, cards, etc.. the magenta inside is just so bright and fun.. that with the tattersal lining really make me smile.. I just love it! :tup:
  2. It's a nice wallet, if you like the style and really want it to be bigger I would keep looking on eBay if I were you.

    I love the bleeker fields :love:

    I am also on the hunt for a wallet for my Chocolate Carly. I am now leaning toward one that is not all chocolate to match kwim? I need something with color and I am pretty sure it has to be a checkbook wallet as well. I have toyed with not having a checkbook wallet but always end up wishing I had one.
  3. ALthough you didn't want an all chocolate signature wallet, the leather chocolate sig combo clutch from the bleecker collection would be great.
  4. The bleeker is nice except i dont use checks! i've been searching for a bigger wallet of the eBay one i posted but i cant seen to find one.. i came across a red sig version which was bigger but it had a huge buckle in the front and it just seemed out of place to me.

    I agree with the splash of color as well.
  5. Ergo Wallet Discontinued color. "Turquoise"
    Which i've decided to let go.......

    [​IMG] inside [​IMG] back coin pocket

    [​IMG] front

    I like this style because it hold a ton of card, and has lots of pockets. I also like the long wallet because i dont like my money folded like in a smaller/french style wallet.
  6. the back doesnt have a zipper for the coins? how does that work out for u? letting it go? for how much may i ask =)
  7. ^^ the back has a pocket not a zipper
  8. I was always a fan of using a matching mini skinny in each of my bags as my wallets, but then my husband bought me a black leather french purse type of wallet at the outlet last year and I got really spoiled having enough room for all of my stuff without my bills being all folded up! You can see the wallet in the black ergo group shot; since then I've gotten the Legacy leather in whiskey and the hamptons embossed in red. Trying to work on getting neutral wallets to use with multiple bags, and I obviously love the french wallet style.
    ergo set 002.jpg whiskey wallet.jpg red wallet.jpg
  9. Thanks. :tup: Yeah I know what you mean, I like to match but not too much.. I think a pop of color would be great! :tup: I do not switch out wallets.. pia in my opinion and a lot of money, so I like it to match pretty much everything.. and I have also toyed with the no checkbook thing, and usually don't write checks but somehow I end up somewhere (kids' school, dance, etc) that only takes checks.. plus I like to write my debits in my register to keep a tally of my account.. for me I have to have the checkbook. :yes:
  10. I dont know what you call it but I got it a week ago and I love it!
    Ebay Pics 730.jpg Ebay Pics 731.jpg Ebay Pics 732.jpg
  11. If you want a bigger one you can get one and just take out the checkbook part or do what I do and use the register to write down you debits, etc. :shrugs:
  12. I love this.. and I love that even though it's the smaller one it has that nice id window.. perfect! :okay:
  13. Bummer. dont like it anymore?
  14. I feel as though the coin area needs a zipper and not a pocket.. does anyone agree with me?