Show me your transfer (showcase only)

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  1. Hi all-

    This may sound strange, but I would like to see all your bags that have transfer. Please no comments, just the picture of your bag with the transfer clearly shown and the name/style/color of your bag.

    If you could describe how the transfer got there, i.e. after one day or after significant use.

    I know we will have a lot of light colored leather, but I am curious which other bags people have had transfer issues with.

  2. I got my bag on March 18th and I used it for 7 days:

    there are teenie little light blue dots all over the back and some on the other corner but this one is the worst, I was able to fade them a bit by using a clean white towel and water - I know what jeans did it (they were washed atleast 30 times by now but I can still get transfer off of them if I rub it with a cloth so I have no case to take my bag back) *sigh*

    This is my only bag with transfer - even my hamptons patchwork from '07 didn't have problems with any of the dark denim jeans I wore.
  3. I have the tattersall tote and I had transfer from denim on my bag. I used Woolite mixed with cold water. I balled up a paper towel and dipped it in the detergent mixture and gently wiped the bag in a circular motion. Then I dried it by wiping with a clean dry paper towel. I also had transfer on the pink leather corners. I did the same technique (extra gentle and smaller amount of detergent mixture) and allowed it to air dry. Now, no more transfer! Ahh, the wonders of coated canvas! I knew there was a reason why I bought this for my all-around summer bag! Low maintenance!:tup:
  4. sorry to say, didn't work - you probably got the dye off when it was new, mine has been sitting for a few days - I tried wiping it off with water and a nice microfiber when I first saw it.
  5. I wonder if Mr. Clean Erasers would work?
  6. Thanks for showing me your bag Renie. I have this bag but haven't used it yet.
  7. I haven't had any problem with transfer on any of my bags.

  8. Yes, but you have to be careful... Sometimes it can lift colors. I bet it would work on coated canvas though.
  9. Try alcohol free baby wipes.
  10. I have the heritage stripe tatersall and had transfers on the back (I think from my black blouse) and the baby wipes didn't do the trick for me:sad:
    Although the baby wipes do wonders on my sig fabrics :tup:
  11. I'm picking one up tomorrow and will share my results - I'm not as worried about the coated canvas (same thing with having a properly sealed wall at home). We'll see if this works!
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