Show me your ToyWatch, Please?

  1. Just what I needed... a NEW OBSESSION! It is ToyWatch, thank you very much Oprah. I've been all over the website, but I can't decide which one I would love the most. I'm wary of the acrylic bracelets. My 14-yo daughter wears Casio BabyG's and their clear plastic straps get filthy and turn color fairly quickly. Then they look purely awful and disgusting. Wouldn't want that to happen!

    So, show off your ToyWatch here and please, give me a review of how much you like, love, or hate it, and WHY. TIA!!
  2. Nobody has a ToyWatch? That can't be -- it was just on Oprah's list of her Favorite Things for 2007! Maybe you're all just out SHOPPING madly! Post when you get back from the mall.;)
  3. The closest I have is an Invicta Anatomic chronograph. Actually, Oprah was hawking that watch a while back because I saw it on Just figured I was happier with my Anatomic (which is Swiss made, same kind of look);)
  4. After I saw it on Oprah I looked up what stores carry them, went to my mall, and all the stores said they only carry them online (or at least didn't have them at my store). I was so bummed! Definitely wanted to see them in person.
  5. if you type in toywatch in the search this forum box, there are about 5 threads that talk about the watches. Also, some of them show pictures of the watches that tpf members have bought.
  6. I already did that, dmitchell15, :blush:. I just want MORE, hahaha!
  7. I had never heard of them until I looked at the site. But, I don't watch Oprah either :nogood:...
  8. Same here, before this post I'd never heard of them. They look cute.:tup:
  9. I haven't seen them in person but, they look cute on Neiman's website
  10. I am with you. I have seen them and think they are adorable but haven't bought one yet. When I was in Nordstroms they showed me an IKE watch. These are a little nicer thank the Toys but a bit more expensive...
  11. I bought one for my cousin from :yes: It was really cute! It was the one with the pink pearl dial. I love the size, it's just about the same size as my 38mm J12. It's an extremely light weight watch.
  12. when i first saw them, i really wanted one! but i went to check it out IRL at the store, and I thought they felt kinda cheap. i passed on it... it felt like something i could get for a lot less at the dollar store.
  13. ^^ I agree. When I saw them on Oprah's favorite things, they looked so cute! I called around and finally found a place that carried them but when I saw it I was disappointed. I thought it looked and felt cheap (granted they are acrylic). A mother and her pre-teen daughter walked up to the counter- both were wearing ToyWatches and it looked a little too young on the mom, but fine on the daughter. I'm in my early 20's but didn't think it suited me. I did like the skull face on one of the styles though.
  14. ^Mmm I saw that IRL. It was really nice! It is very light which I guess correlates with the feeling of it being "cheap". IMO, they're very cute, but they're certainly not timeless. It's a bit of a trend watch.
  15. has anyone seen the solid color plasteramic toywatches irl- wondering how they look- I see them online in white, balck and pink