Show Me Your Tiffany & Co!!

  1. I see lots of Tiffany & Co threads, so I thought I'd try starting another where we can all show off our tiffany jewelry and/or watches. I know the boutiques don't always show all the current available styles... let alone discontinued pieces...

    :love: :yahoo: If you've got it, flaunt it here!!:yahoo: :love:

    Here are mine to start us off...

    The bracelet was my first T&Co piece from the BF, I wear it everyday...

    This is my most recent acquisition... Loving the 3 little diamonds on the tail.. just the teensiest amount of bling!
  2. I got this on Christmas :biggrin:

  3. LOL @ your siggy, Junkenpo! It's so cool! :roflmfao:

    Here's mine. I got it for Valentine's Day this year and it's my first Tiffany! :love:
  4. Beautiful pieces ladies!!

    I guess I didn't search far enough back, but there was already a "show off" T&co thread..I reposted my pix there...

    Thanks for sharing!!
  5. tiffanypic.jpg

    Here's mine.
  6. hi guys wanted to ask you ,
    i want to buy somethg from tiffany but dont know what !!! lol

    i have the

    heart tag rtt bracelet
    rtt earings
    infinity bracelet
    wedding band platinium with 3 diamond
    haert tag rtt necklace
    tiffany daisy key pendant
    tiffany oval key
    lock wide ring with diamond

    any suggestions ??
  7. Did you want silver/ gold/ platinum? How much were you looking to spend?
  8. I have none anymore. I lost one ring and my necklace broke :tdown:
  9. Oh sorry to hear that. What necklace of yours got broken?:sad:
  10. hmm i looking into silver :smile::smile:
    everyday wear .... not much 500 usd
  11. 500 usd not much but for now ..... :smile::smile::smile:
  12. Hi ladies, can I ask for your help?
    For the Tiffany 1837 ring.
    What does it have to say on the inside?
    Because some has the 1997Tiffany&Co.925 and some doesn't. Thanks :smile:
  13. If u have engraved 1987 its a fake tiffany i have the same i bought and turn out to be fake !! I bought the original its different
    Show it to a tiffany store they can help u with that but they shouldnt be any year date on the ring !
  14. Mine says 1997 Tiffany & Co .925.

    I think it is fine. I bought my ring directly from the Tiffany store in Vienna Va :smile:
  15. I have one and it says 1997. It is not fake, and I have had it cleaned at Tiffany's numerous times. HTH.