Show me your sunglasses!!!!!!

  1. I love sunglasses, it is time for a new pair. Show me your sunglasses.:yes:
  2. Dsc01758.jpg
  3. I got these a couple of weeks ago :heart: The pic is from NM
  4. i have these:
    (they're fendi)

    but reaaaaaaally want to also pick up a pair of these:
    (they're gucci and the picture does NOT do them justice)
  5. I currently have three pairs and I absolutely LOVE them all! They are:

    Coach Suzie (black)
    Coach Samantha (black)
    Oliver Peoples Athena (green)
    Coach Suzie sunglasses.jpg Coach Samantha Sunnies.jpg OP Athena.jpg
  6. i just bought my first chanel sunnies, but im having picture problems, anyone know where to find the item number so i can pull up a picture on the net?

    EDIT:: i thinkt hey are No. 5 on the chanel site under sunglasses 2006
  7. I :heart: your Oliver Peoples! They are my favortie style!:flowers:
  8. These are the ones ive got...
    (not my pics, i googled them)

    i bought them about 1.5 yrs ago... and they are still holding up :heart:
  9. I have these plus more Chanel. Gucci bit glasses and other assorted sunnies. My two latest are the Oliver Peoples and my Bvlgari. The photos of the Chanels I just stole off ebay cuz I'm lazy. The white Chanels in the photo are like mine except mine are blue with irredescent arms
    NMD4196_mp.jpg c8_1.JPG 14037082_o.jpg IMG_4459.jpg IMG_4460.jpg IMG_4458.jpg
  10. Chag, what make/model is the first pair! They are TDF (plus I like that they are on a model with the same bone structure as me!).
  11. I love sunglasses! Before my passion for purses I was into sunglasses.
    Here are some that I currently have. They range from Marc Jacobs, Dior, Tom Ford, YSL, and Roberto Cavalli.
    Pictures from: Eluxury & Nordstrom
    NMD4159_mp.jpg NMD4318_mp.jpg p10881964_ph_hero.jpg p10918376_ph_althero_Shiny_Black_Palladium.jpg p11080691_ph_hero.jpg p11083358_ph_hero.jpg p11083921_ph_hero.jpg
  12. Those are the "Harlot" model from Oliver Peoples. I got them in Vegas a few weeks back. I love'em but I love the Bvlgaris alot more!! I love the little kitty in your avatar!
  13. Ok, I wanted to put these up before I went to bed. These are the ones that are presently within my reach.:biggrin:
    Chanel1.jpg Chanel2.jpg coach glasses.jpg D&G glasses.jpg Dior Glasses1.jpg Dior Glasses2.jpg Gucci Glasses.jpg Versace.jpg
  14. Ok.. I went and got my treasure box and took everything out so I could take pics instead of stealing from ebay. So this is some of my sunnies, I have a serious problem because I love buying sunglasses. I guess it's cuz I can pay it off before the DH sees the bill LOL:shocked: I've got more but they are with my MIL and SIL. They love to borrow my stuff.

    2.Oliver Peoples
    3.Chanel w/svrsky
    4.Chanel w/svrsky
    5.Chanel w/mop
    6.Chanel shield
    7.Chanel quilted w/svrky prescription
    8.Gucci oversized bit w/svrsky
    9.Gucci wrap bit
    10.Gucci wrap.. MIL gave me these. Never wear them but I have to keep'em!
    IMG_4459.jpg IMG_4470.jpg IMG_4461.jpg IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4463.jpg IMG_4469.jpg IMG_4468.jpg IMG_4464.jpg IMG_4465.jpg IMG_4467.jpg
  15. and the last in my treasure box
    11. Gucci w/pink svrsky
    12.D&G prescription sunnies
    IMG_4466.jpg IMG_4471.jpg