Show me your statement necklaces!

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  1. Hi,

    I wanna see your statement necklaces so I can pick up some inspiration. I wanna buy statement necklaces, but right now I don't have them :sad:
  2. If you want something significant it may be David Yurman Albion or a similar necklace or something from Judith Ripka? Can't post pictures right now, but I have a beautiful mother-of-pearl JR necklace in SS and I get compliments about it every time I wear it.
    I also think some of the Tiffany Keys can play this role.
  3. What are you looking for... Expensive statement pieces or fun costume?
    I have several JCrew statement pieces (expensive for what they are but gorgeous)
    I can post pics of mine if that is what you are looking for!
  4. Pamela Love, Vanessa Arizaga, and DANNIJO are great places to start looking at statement necklaces. These designers are usually handmade in studio. Then you've got Lanvin (always a winner), Oscar de la Renta, Marni (I love. Uses a lot of mixed media and doesn't just rely on hardware.)

    I have statement necklaces from all of them and they are amazing. Some of my favourite are not labels - big or small - as such, but are indigenous to an area; my first and favourite is a very large Peruvian stone and sterling silver pendant on a cuff-like neck piece.

    I mention the smaller brands first because you're more likely to find something a but more unique and therefore with a bit more longevity. HTH!
  5. Thanks, I will check them out! :smile:
  6. image.jpg

    This is a Kate Spade I got on sale last year. My others are smaller.

    Sometimes I can double a long station necklace to create a little volume.

    I have strings of freshwater pearls and other beads that I can twist into shorter necklaces. I just choose the colors I want and twist them together to make a unique combination of colors and beads to go with my outfit.

    I prefer necklaces with smaller components. Large beads don't work with my face. :shrugs:

    I LOVE ippolita's collections but they can be pricey.
  7. David Yuman Willow Drop Necklace - this would be my statement necklace! It's beautiful in person and even beautiful when wearing it! Goes with everything - dress up or down, you can't go wrong!

  8. This is my favorite, alberta ferretti.

    I am sorry I don't have a pic of the necklace on its own, I took this for another thread

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  9. nocturne makes great statement necklaces-they are inexpensive and they are really lighweight...check them out! you can get them on shopbop, and anthro

  10. What types of statement necklaces are you looking for-expensive/cheap?Please mention it.
  11. Not sure what price range you're looking for, but here are some fun inexpensive options I've worn recently. This might be the way to go if you're experimenting. Then you can splurge once you find a style you love.

    Chunky pearls are a staple in my wardrobe. These strands are from C. Wonder, and I twisted them to make it a choker. I have a similar necklace from J. Crew, but the pearls are smaller. I wear this look often, so I'm pretty certain I'll be splurging on the real deal soon. The 'happy' necklace is inspired by Lanvin. I of course loved the Lanvin original but didn't feel it was worth the investment for such a trendy piece.

    This piece is by Leslie Danzis. It's a lot more colorful than what I normally wear, but I got it from TJ Maxx to test the waters. This brand carries lots of great statement necklaces for around ~$50 a piece. It's not a piece I reach for very often, so I'm glad I didn't splurge. But it is pretty fun when I do wear it.

    Hope that helps!
  12. here's one of mine. it's pretty intricate and the emerald-cut faux diamonds make it look really pricey but who would believe this only cost me about USD7 equivalent! :biggrin:

  13. I love this one! Have you seen any cheaper (but still nice) alternatives to achieve this "look"?
  14. No, unfortunately, haven't seen anything similar that cost less. Maybe if there's no diamonds, the price would be less. I'm already hinting for this necklace to hubby! :biggrin:
  15. Love the pearls!!!