Show me your scarf!!!

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  1. WOW!
    I just picked out my scarf and it was SUCH a hard decision!!! there are WAY too many to choose from-
    I want to see which pattern you guys chose!!!


  2. that's a VERY pretty color with such a pretty smile you have! i just bought my first one from bluefly and i'll try to post when it gets here. VERY EXXCITED! It's in the classic check color, woot!
  3. is bluefly authentic? thanks
  4. gorgeous color!! great choice!

    i was like you, couldnt decide so i ended up with three =X
  5. Mine were all Christmas gifts from the last couple of years...I *may* be getting another this year. I love them!
  6. ^ ohh what fun colors Rebecca!! i love the warmth of your third one!!
  7. how a bout the giant scarf of Lindsay Llohan? do you want the same size?
  8. Here's mine! Just got it from England last night. :yahoo:

  9. gorgeous!! what's the size of that multicolors one of the far left? what's it called? I want one for christmas too!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. The multicolored one measures 55" long and 12" wide.
    I don't know what the colors on that one are called though, I do know that I got it last Christmas lol. I wish I could be of more help! I save all my tags from my stuff so if I come across it, I'll be sure to post it. :tup:

    And thanks, Jen!
  11. A couple of years ago, I splurged and bought myself these four Burberry scarfs.

    I've never regretted it because I've gotten so much use out of them. Plus they are so soft and warm! :love:


    Burberry02.JPG Burberry04.JPG
  12. Anybody else have scarf peektures to share ?????? :search:
  13. love everyone's scarfs! especially the pinks and purples!
  14. This is mine, it's the only picture I have of it right now, so it's not in the best 'pose' ;)
    burberry - scarf.jpg
  15. wow, what a pretty colors! I LOVE that olive green one!