Show me your scarf on handbag please!

  1. How do you all feel about scarves on handbags? Just got the Red Epi Speedy and am thinking about getting a pretty scarf to tie on it.

    Can some of you show me pictures of yours?
  2. Excuse the camera phone picture - but you can get the idea (looks much better in person). Here is my new Lilly Pulitizer scarf (browns, fuschia and greens) on my Damier Speedy 25.

  3. Here's another view . . .
  4. Here are a few that were handy.....The scarves are used as drawstrings in the petit noes.
  5. They all look so beautiful! Thanks everyone.

    Not sure I can tie the scarf as good as you guys but first I need to find the perfect scarf to go with my new red baby!
  6. OMG I didn't know you could put a different tie thing on for the Petit Noe! That might be the cutest thing I've ever seen..... The Epi Noe is gorgeous! Are those hard to find? I'm looking on eLuxury and I can't find one.
  7. [​IMG]

    thats my speedy! we in the same team! i have more pictures on my link below ... hohoho
  8. here is my speedy!

  9. This is my alma with a scarf I bought at Nordstrom:
    Picture 005.jpg
  10. OMG! Gorgeous! :heart: I love how this looks! The damier and the petit noes! Perfect colors!
  11. Loving the combo! :yes:
  12. those are petit noes and are on elux, also readily available on eBay for great prices...both of mine are previously owned...great bag!:heart:
  13. Graffiti Silver Sarf on my Louise Mono Mini TST Blue

  14. wow. the antigua cabas gm is huge. you get a lot os bang for your buck with that one!