Show me your Right Hand please....

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  1. My DH surprised me with my 'advanced' X'mas Prezzie (who can stand the wait! :Push:smile: today, and it was a lovely Right Hand Ring I've been eyeing! :heart:
    With its addition, I realized just how much I adore those Cocktail/Fancy/Party Rings that we sometimes wear on our Right Hands.

    I'm not sure if there is already a thread for this, but I will LOVE to see what you are wearing on your other hand. Do you like your ring simple and elegant, chunky and BLING...or delicate and sweet? :girlsigh:
    Ladies in the Jewelry Threads, please post pics of your Right Hand Rings!

    To start of, here is mine - Van Cleef and Arpels Frivole 8 Flower Yellow Gold Ring :love::

    VanCleef8FrivoleRing.jpg VCA 8 Frivole RingTFS.jpg VCA8FlowerBentTFS.jpg

    Thank you so much for letting me share!!!
  2. i wear a claddagh ring on ym right hand, i've worn one there since i was 10. my mom bought me this one about 6 years ago in alaska.

    i like it simple. but your ring is lovely!! i feel silly wearing big rings :smile:
  3. WOW! That is precious Sara999!

    May I ask what is the green middle stone? is it emerald? The shade is gorgeous!
  4. accessorize*me that ring is BEAUTIFUL :wtf:!!

    i'm not really big on rings-i usually just wear my class ring which has a pink stone and diamonds on one hand, and a diamond band on the other, but every once in awhile i'll want to switch it up, and this is one of my favorites for doing so :P (i've actually posted photos of this elsewhere-the color is actually the bright blue in the first photo, not the blue of the second one)


    lol i just realized that the photo of the ring is actually on my let hand :girlsigh:.....oh well :lol:
  5. that's gorgeous! what a lovely shade of blue

    it is an emerald with tiny diamond chips. i do'nt know if they are real, i just know that i lusted after this ring for over 3 weeks during my alaska trip with my mom and she bought it for me on our last night and i was so so pleased! so it is worth millions to me :smile:

  6. Congrats, your ring is very beautiful:girlsigh:. To me it seems it has the perfect combination of delicacy, elegance and a little bling to it, great choice. I don't have a right hand ring, I sometimes use an enormous Kenneth Jay Lane ring more as a joke. Since I saw the thread on Pomellato in this forum, I have been lusting after their rings. And I will definitely go for a "fancy" ring, wg, diamonds and a big semi precious stone. Although your ring will stay at the back of my mind and maybe I'll start wanting something slightly different.
  7. pow pow!! accesorize, your ring is somethin! the whole world can see that baby! i find your ring incredibly unique.

    jc2239, i would LOVE to devour myself with your ring. that blue has captured my heart. i think i'd melt if i saw that on your finger IRL.

    and sara999, how sentimental! :smile:
  8. accessorize that is an amazing bauble!!!!!!
    How fun is that!?
    We may already have a thread though. . . let me look.
  9. found it, it hasn't been posted in since March, we'll leave this one.
    I'll try and add something. . . .
  10. this is mine, DH bought it for me to commemorate the birth of our twin sons:love:
    Sorry for the poor photo quality:sad:
    It's a wide band of diamonds and dark sapphires.
    My grandmother passed a ring onto me that is a butterfly shape made up of diamonds. It's a little chessy, but I may photograph it anyhow. It was a cocktail ring of hers from a LONG time ago.

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  11. This is fabulous! I was just looking at their beautiful website last night... you made a great choice!
  12. Sweet rings, know, I was just thinking that maybe our right hands kind of show our inner self just as much or more than our left? Mine is so very comfortable to wear that I have it on almost everyday.

    It's a Lucida and I've had it a little over a year....

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  13. sara999, your ring is such a delicate piece, it's no wonder you lusted for it! :tup:
    I love buying jewelry when I travel too, they remind me of my trip/the country whenever I look at them!

    Thank you jc2239! That ring is really pretty! I'd love to see the Pink one too!
    The Blue's setting is elegant and versatile! Do you wear it often or is it for special occasions?

    I have a RHR with a centrestone of a similar shade of Blue too! Let me go dig up the pic and I will post it shortly! I wear it with jeans really often!

    Thank you very much aquablueness, Shari, isus (Ahhhh....The Lucida! With a sparkle like that, I will NEVER take that thing off!) :drool:, Swanky and Polaremil!
    I am nutz over BIG Right Hand Rings! :love: I love the way they look like they 'spill' a little over the next finger...As if you needed 2 Fingers to wear them! That's why I've always adored Van Cleef's "Between the Finger's"...Series.

    Swanky, I really like your Diamond and Sapphire Ring! The combination of flatters each other! What a wonderful DH you have....PLUS he had great taste in jewelry too!:graucho:
  14. accessorize*me -- wow what a gorgeous ring!! hubby has good taste and it looks amazing on your finger!!
  15. I do too! It's fun to just be excessive sometimes!:yes: