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  1. I thought this color would cheer me up...Sally Hansen's Lightening!
  2. Won these on eBay... The one I really wanted was Fowl Play and Oui. I am not sure about Shimmering Mauve.
  3. Pussy Galore :lol:
  4. Just had to brag, I scored testers for Chanel Bel Argus and Azure both for below retail(not by much but what the hey since they are harder to get), so happy.
  5. ^AWESOME indie haul!!!

    ^what a beautiful yellow! I've been wanting to wear yellow NP lately.
  6. ^congrats!

    ^'s a pretty pink!
  7. My most recent purchase, Milkyway and Aquarius from Dreams... Cant wait to try them~
  8. you should have fun with all of that glitter!
  9. I have all of these except for the Mauve one. You'll love them!
  10. Nice~ I love glitter nail polishes. :love:
  11. where did you order you ibd gels from?
  12. Very cute!
  13. Good Ol eBay.
  14. My post-call purchase is Sally Hansen's matches the one of the new M&M's colors :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.