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  1. So jealous! This is actually the only Dior I have been lemming....
  2. Zoya Tracie, Nubar Indigo Ocean, Nubar Mod Aqua, Nubar Diamont Topcoat
  3. Such nice colors! Enjoy Becks!
  4. I done good today. :p

  5. ^beautiful...your friend will love it!

    ^cute logo!

    ^fantastic haul!

    ^very pretty pinks! the ChG looks like a great pedi color for the summer.
  6. ^lovely nubars!

    ^great haul! you definitely did good. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks that's exactly why i bought it. It's a pretty pink.
  8. Treated myself to some neons. Passed one of my summer mid-terms with a 100% :biggrin:
    IMG_0276 (800x600).jpg
  9. Great haul, and congrats on the 100%
  10. congratulations! these NPs are the perfect reward.
  11. Congratulations! A well deserved treat
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.