Show Me Your Recent Purchases Part 2!

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  1. I bought three yesterday. (I'm only showing two of them, because when I got home I realized a already had one of the colors - Gilded by Sinful Colors.)

    Blue Bayou (Sinful Colors Bayou Babes Collection
    Blue Bayou.jpg

    Chalk It Up (Sinful Colors A Class Act Collection)
    Chalk It Up.jpg
  2. So I went back to the States this past weekend for a college reunion. While there, I took a little trip to Walgreens to see what Sinful Colors they had. At two different locations, I got these. (I'm not showing one of them, Ice Dream, because when I got back, I realized I already had it.)

    Thera-Pewter (Sinful Colors Desert Divas Collection)

    Gotta Terra Cotta (Sinful Colors Desert Divas Collection)
    Gotta Terra Cotta.jpeg

    Peaches N' Cream (Kandee Johnson Vintage Matte Collection)
    Peaches N' Cream.jpg

    Deep End (Sinful Colors)
    Deep End.jpg

    Moss Have (Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics Collection)
    Moss Have.JPG
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  3. Some more:

    So Symbolic (Sinful Colors The Trend 80's Flashback Color Symbolic Summer 2017 Collection)
    So Symbolic.jpg

    Mint2BCool (Sinful Colors)

    Rule My World (Sinful Colors The Trend 80's Flashback Color Symbolic Summer 2017 Collection)
    (It's the accent nail! - CB)
    Rule My World.png

    Rendezvous (Sinful Colors Winter 2015 Collection)

    Endless Blue (Sinful Colors)
    Endless Blue.jpg
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    IMG_7741.JPG Just a couple of new tools for my mani kit. I get as excited about new tools and as I do about new colors. :P

    Tweezerman stainless steel tools--

    1) Spring-Action "Cuticle Nippers" - I use these to trim hangnails & to pick up any debris (fuzz, stray hair etc) that threaten my paint job. I also use these to place decals and striping tape b/c I'm useless w/ tweezers in my left hand.

    Potential cons: having a spring-coil instead of the traditional scissor-style nippers means the cutting side stays open when not in use. Fortunately it comes with a clear plastic cap to cover the sharp end. Also, the "two free files" are pretty coarse cardboard/foam files (2/3 the length of the Tropical Shine files from Sally's). I wouldn't use them on natural fingernails nails (I use them for pedis or filing off gel top coat)

    2) "Pushy & Nail Cleaner" - one side has a a flat, square cuticle pusher & the other side has a curved, tapered end for cleaning under nails. I like both sides -- be very gentle with metal cuticle pushers as too much pressure can dig in & damage the nail
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  7. Me again! (I just love Sinful Colors! Such beautiful 3 free polish at reasonable prices. I'm always passing by the store that sells them, so whenever I get the chance I pop in to see either what's new or what I don't have.)

    Bon Bons (Sinful Colors #Pride2017 Collection)
    Bon Bons.jpg

    Taste It (Sinful Colors #Pride2017 Collection)
    Taste It.jpg

    Intergalactic (Sinful Colors #Pride2017 Collection)

    Mani Per Money (Sinful Colors #Pride2017 Collection)
    Mani Per Money.jpg

    All About You (Sinful Colors Holi-dazzled Holiday 2014 Collection)
    All About You.jpg
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  8. upload_2017-8-19_8-17-51.png
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  9. zoya.jpg I am so happy! I found the Zoya Island collection on EBay. I am going to try to not buy anything more for awhile. :smile:
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  10. Bought this

    Attached Files:

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  11. 578 New Dawn
  12. #912 Nov 5, 2017
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    My first OPI minis (Iceland Collection) are en route! There are 2 others in the collection I'm still lusting over, but I guess brown & taupe aren't popular enough to make it into the minis.

    Attached Files:

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  13. This was within the course of three days. (I'm not showing one, because when I got it home I realized I already had it - OPI's Chicago Champagne Toast).

    Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots (OPI Fall 2017 Iceland Collection)
    Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots.jpg

    Turn On the Northern Lights! (OPI Fall 2017 Iceland Collection)
    Turn On the Northern Lights!.jpg

    Less Is Norse (OPI Fall 2017 Iceland Collection)
    Less Is Norse.jpg

    Bite Me (Sinful Colors Night of the Living Red Halloween Collection)
    Bite Me.jpg

    Suzi & the Arctic Fox (OPI Fall 2017 Iceland Collection)
    Suzi & the Arctic Fox.jpg
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    Humidi-Tea (OPI Spring 2016 New Orleans Collection)

    Don't Take Yosemite for Granite (OPI Summer 2017 California Dreaming Collection)
    Don't Take Yosemite for Granite.jpg

    Midnight in Moscow (OPI Fall 2007 Russian Collection)
    Midnight in Moscow.jpg

    Up Front & Personal (OPI Fall 2010 Swiss Collection)
    Up Front & Personal.jpg

    Check Out the Old Geysirs (OPI Fall 2017 Iceland Collection)
    Check Out the Old Geysirs.jpg
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  15. Life's Grimm (China Glaze Halloween 2017 Happily Never After Collection)
    Life's Grimm.jpg