Show me your Python Silverados!

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  1. This is set to be a new obsession. I wanted one, went off the idea and now I am getting one! I've checked the reference library and not many results so share pics of your python Silverado here.

    I want to see those beauties! :tup:
  2. hers mine have you got one coming!?
  3. Here's mine... Sometimes i love her, sometimes i dont...

    Chocolate python silverado (PS I believe there's a Silverado lovers club thread or something like that)

  4. #4 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Hopefully! I love yours its so cute and the metallic is gorgeous. I thought you were getting rid of it though- I can't keep up with your bag changes! I'm on a spree I just bought another Bbag and a Louis Vuitton cerises speedy! I'll do an updated collection soon :smile:
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    She's lovely- very classic I think! I checked out the Silverado club thrad but I can't seem to find many pics of all Python Silverados together so thought it would be nice and help feed my addiction to see as many different ones as poss :tup:
  6. oh yes do add some pics would love to see what you have now!
  7. [​IMG]



  8. These are gorgeous!!!! love the blue ^^^^
  9. Is the blue medium or large size? It looks big! Or are you small? haha :heart:
  10. it's actually the medium -- i am a little person (5'1") you should see the large on me -- it's ridiculous!
  11. I can imagine! They look fantastic on you though. I have never ever seen this blue- its phenomenal. This is why I started the tread- too see as many colourways as possible!

    You and b*m*b are bag twins..or is yours a medium not small?

    Beautiful pics :tup:
  12. yes, that is the bronze like bmb's. both are the medium size. i also technically own the very first original cognac python but i lent it to a good friend a long time ago and haven't seen it since! which is fine because i wasn't using it.
  13. oh mines a small one.
  14. Here is mine, small hobo:
  15. Gorgeous metallic silverados, girls!