Show me your pens (or whatever you write with)!

  1. I need some ideas on pens: my Mont Blanc just gave up on me today (haven’t used it for three months; forgot to take out the ink and now the nib is clogged and ruined :upsidedown:).

    Which pen do you ladies use to sign the cheque for your house and what are your suggestions: do I go back to another Mont Blanc or some other brand or just ditch it all together and use a Uni-Ball?

    Most of the time, I use my [only] graduation present: a Graf von Faber-Castell pencil (they call it ‘The Perfect Pencil,’ whatever) but I really need a pen and suggestions would be much appreciated because actually I was bored of my old Mont Blanc - the one that everyone is given for Christmas -but don’t have a clue what are other good makes!


  2. i just use the free pharmecutical pens. this way i won't feel bad if i loose an expensive one
  3. umm i use a bic or freebies :shame: i'd really like a montblanc but i never get so far down my list of things i want that a pen would get anywhere near the top :roflmfao:
  4. I am getting a Tiffany's pen for my LV vernis frambroise small ring agenda:smile:

    Not sure which one yet...decisions, decisions!!
  5. I actually make beaded pens that are fun. My mom loves hers and uses it for check writing and at work. A coworker also likes the one she has (it's a pink breast cancer one) and uses it for her checks too.

    Beaded Pens
  6. I'm a big fan of Yard-O-Led, so I have a pink Esprit ballpoint in my purse. Otherwise, I have plain old Palomino pencils everywhere, as they're perfect for writing and sketching.