Show me your Paradisos

  1. Please!!!! :balloon:
    I am trying to decide what style to get.
  2. I have a stellina and bocce on eBay and I included lots of pics if you want to use that as a reference!
  3. Love, love this print!! I'm also thinking of getting another one so would love to see more pics too. :nuts: Here's my bella and denaro...
    Tokis 001 (Small).jpg Tokis 003 (Small).jpg
  4. I:love:Sushi Boy....I have to have him!!!
  5. Here's my bella & portatelefono...
    DSC00572.jpg DSC00571.jpg DSC00881 copy.jpg DSC00880 copy.jpg
  6. I have a gioco and denaro... and I used to have a BV.
    paradisogiocofront.jpg paradisogiocoback.jpg paradisobvfront.jpg paradisobvback.jpg
  7. Maya which do you prefer the BV or Gioco? I have Spiagga Gioco and I love it.
  8. Hmmm... I'd choose the gioco for style, but the BV for function. All I know is I don't really plan on getting any more gioco's (unless I get a GREAT deal) because it's hard to get in and out of...
  9. here is my beloved paradiso campeggio that i've been getting tons of compliments on, it's perfect for school. right now i'm taking summer school so it's nice to have something to stare at during lectures. ha!
    483486973_7c113b796c.jpg 483487023_017bcba7b6.jpg
  10. My Paradiso Ciao Ciao, Zucca and Campeggio
    P1090548.JPG P1090572.JPG P1090534.JPG
  11. Wow great Paradiso bags you all have there!! :p
  12. LOL the zucca has already been posted up so I guess I dont need to post mine :p Unless you want me to hehe
  13. Dana's Zucca is flippin sweet. I want it. LOL.
  14. Post it, post it!!! :nuts: