Show me your Old Petra

  1. Hello everyone, I just bought a pair of beautiful Intrecciato flats in Old Petra. Now I am considering a matching bag! I'm still not sure about which style but I'd prefer something that's not so round. Pictures would be awesome. Anyone with Old Petra bags to give me ideas? (Megs' new beauty has me thinking!) Thanks! :smile:
  2. Well you saw my pics!!! Such a stunning color... I'm sure more Old Petra bags are here somewhere :yes:

    Are the flats just divine? I would love a pair :graucho:
  3. Have you seen this Old Petra Anaconda Tote Bag?
    (pic courtesy of the Purse Blog)

    I love the closure detailing...just stunning!

  4. Thanks, Megs, I'll try to sift through the threads.

    *GULP*. Thanks for posting that, KB. I think.
  5. I just remembered this one as well 24.

    (photo courtesy of member haomimi)

    Sure is a lovely bag.

  6. Thanks so much, KB. Is that the Sloane?
  7. ^ yup, that's the sloane in Nappy Umbria. I've seen little totes in Old Petra at Nordies. I love this color.
  8. Thanks, GT! Does anyone know if haomimi's Sloane is made of goatskin? Sorry, I'm still BV terminology-challenged!
  9. :tender:
  10. From what I understand since I don't have the care cards with me, nappa umbria like haomimi's is treated lambskin - treated with a wax to give it a distressed look. Generally nappa umbria bags have a darker appearance than the same color in nappa (untreated lambskin), and have a slightly 'sturdier' feel, at least when new. I have a nappa umbria bag in Limo and it is a bit different than the same color that just arrived in nappa. HTH!
  11. Thank you for the helpful info, blugenie!
  12. Here's my Roma, wish the color in my pictures was better, it definitely looks more purple than they show.
    bottegasmall.JPG bottegasmall1.JPG
  13. Gosh.. this is gonna be a dangerous thread. I can feel it in my bones!

    Do post a pic of your flats, 24! :yes:
  14. ReRe, that is a gorgeous bag! In fact, that's one I'm considering but I don't know if it's too large for me. Thanks for posting!

    Nymph, I posted pics in the BV shoes thread but here they are. I want to add that the color is true-to-life, too. This color is phenomenal! I wish it would be a regular color.




  15. You should try the bag on at a store. It really does not give the sense of being too big, its so soft and squishes together and tries to puddle to the floor, so feminine it just doesn't take on the look of the really large bags this season.