Show me your non-Chloe purchases!

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  1. Next up is my Abaco python saddle crossbody. The leather and python are fabulously soft and pebbly/bubbly. It's unstructured and soo smooshy, and hugs the body perfectly. The long strap is detachable and I love the python trim on the short strap.


    Slip pockets and large zippered pocket under the flap.


    Here's the leather in all its glory.


    Side by side of the Abaco and Boyy. The flaps are similar but the shape and wear are completely different. Different enough to justify having both, yes?

  2. Thanks for all the modeling pics Maria, I love them!

    kdo, beautiful clutch. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for letting me share my joy, girls... I am truly happy (still a Chloe girl at heart).

    Gorgeous bags, Kdo... I love the Boyy...
  4. kdo, great bags.
  5. Thanks, bichon, Maria & llson!
  6. OMG! everyone, I am sooo excited to finally find and got the last fur lined Fendi Peekaboo! thought to share the joy with you girls/guys who also appreciate Fendi bags! here is one photo of my bag, I got more detail photos of the bag in my blog, come check it out !

    :yahoo:Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

  7. ^^Gorgeous, congratulations!!:yahoo:
  8. Chanel123 - Gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  9. New boots girls!

    Frye Jane Cuffs in Taupe and Heath OTK in Dark Grey

  10. Chanel123- that peekaboo is amazing. by far the my favorite combination that i have seen
  11. love those grey boots kdo
  12. KDO, your boots are killing me...LOOOOVE!
  13. Wow...:nuts: love the python bags, the boots and the Fendi...congrats !
  14. Great boots, great bags!!
  15. Everyone made such great purchases! Kdo, those grey boots are so cute!
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