Show me your non-Chloe purchases!

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  1. DRR, great bags, congratulations. I have 2 Spys and a teal Gaucho tote, they are keepers, guess Chloe minds think alike:P. Love the navy Spy, that's a rare one.
  2. I cheated on Chloe recently as well - fell in love with the Ferragamo Sofia and just had to have her. I snagged her 30% off. She comes with a messenger strap too!

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  3. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S :yahoo:
  4. aw thanks shiva - love your new heloise :smile:
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  6. :nuts: The givenchy pandora! I saw this bag and thought the shape was really unique. Any modeling pics? How would you compare this to the nightingale?

  7. ^hi sweetie...will try to upload some modelling pics,i just got her yesterday and that explains for the pic apology but will post new pics soon!
    i was able to try it on my shoulder, as a handbag and across my body since it has straps and to my surprise it is easy and comfy to use,and it looks way too gorgeous as long as you don't fill it up that much.
    i love the kind of leather that they used with this pandora "old pepe" and the color is just so gorgeous.....almost teal IMO! =)

    i also love the nightingale but i just couldn't resist this pandora bag, and i am so glad i caved in because it really is a keeper. i love it as much as i love my nightingale and chloes..=)
  8. jacq - love the leather! Can't wait to see mod shots.
  9. The pandora sounds like such a versatile style! and i love the old pepe leather too...I'm addicted to nightingales, but i might have to try this one out. Can't wait for your modeling pix! :graucho:

  10. The pandora colour looks great - congrats!
  11. Not sure if it is cheating when it is see by Chloe. Anyways have just ordered some rain boots. Dont own any and it is suddenly raining all the time. Both me and Chloe got caught in the rain today so now at least the feet will be dry.
  12. be sure to show them off when they arrive. I resorted to buying gumboots/rainboots last winter - as a soccer mom it saved me from ruining a lot of shoes ;)
  13. i recently cheated on chloe too.
    i couldnt resist :love:
  14. ^Well, I can see how it was to pretty -- congrats!
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