Show me your non-Chloe purchases!

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  1. Muggles - please post pics when you get her! Plum sounds pretty!
  2. LV Mono Néo



  3. Love your Neo, shivadiva! It looks the perfect size. I love your cute dress, too!
  4. :ty: Unfortunately it´s so rainy here that I haven´t worn it yet :smile:
  5. Great Neo - congratulations!!
  6. I LOVE this style! What are the measurements? Are there inside pockets? Congrats.:smile:
  7. great choice!!

  8. purchased 2 pretty fabulous non-chloes recently - will share pics soon :smile:
  9. If you mean the Néo:
    the size is (LxHxD): 29cm x 30cm x 19cm/ 11.4" x 11.8" x 7.5"

    and there is one internal pocket with a zipper :biggrin:
  10. shivadiva, the bag looks great with your scarf...
  11. :ty:
  12. I cheated on Chloe, again, with Bal and also had my first non-new bag buying experience. I got this Sahara 08 Bal MU. It is a little beat up, but it was described and priced accordingly, and I love the leather. And, since I'm planning to use it inside my bags as an in-bag organizer, I don't mind the little flaws. Buying used accessories may be a good way to save up and justify my future Mavis purchase, which I'm still looking forward to. :cool:

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  13. Cute safa, one can never have enough small leather accessories and pouches. Buying used is a smart way to save up for Mavis!
  14. Great buys, everyone...

    I wish i could show anything except for running shoes and gear... ;)
  15. [​IMG]
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