Show Me Your Nail Art!!

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  1. IMG_1524359509.256163.jpg
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  2. IMG_1678.jpg
    New shape
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  3. Love this thread!!
    Just some sparkles...
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  4. IMG_3876.jpg
    i got tired of paying $55-100 for my nails every 2-3weeks fills so i started doing my own Gels fill in & acrylic =) .. it save so much money and i can design it anyway i want without all that extra charge =]
  5. I wanna my nails look fresh and simple. Not so extravagant. So here was my look some time ago. A professional nail technician helped me. I love that dream catcher❤ 1920-1080 9.jpg
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  6. What nail polish is that? It’s so hard to find pretty green colors!
  7. IMG_1639.jpg
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  9. Halloween nails IMG_20181024_152414_740.jpg
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  11. I'm saving this picture. I want my nails like yours. Thanks!

  12. Done