Show Me Your Nail Art!!

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    Thanks. He's the biggest & youngest out of our 3 boys. He think mommy is all his & doesn't like to share. Here's a pic of all 3 just for fun. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1374380896.451192.jpg
  2. Love your bee, how neat!
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  4. Awwwww! They're adorable! :smile:
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  6. For my current mani I made my own stickers/decals using a stamp, acrylic paint and gel topcoat. Don't know if I would recommend the process...I had to soak-off my first attempt as the stickers curled away from my nails and I could barely get them to adhere. This try was better, but the texture of the nail is still rather rough. It does look really cool, though. I made a gradient of SensatioNail "Blue Yonder" & "Bombshell Beauty" and topped it with Gelish "Champagne" (it's a lot more "tropical water turquoise green" irl). Then I added the stickers and 2 layers of topcoat.
  7. Wowwwwww... All you need is a bubbler sound in the background for your nail-aquarium!

    Here's mine, the easy way (Incoco "Tribal" dry polish):

  8. GORGEOUS!!! I knew this was gonna be amazing, but it turned out even better than I expected! Just beautiful! :biggrin:
  9. Wow....I love it.
  10. Nail art for July
    joyluscious_tricolor_july2013_waves.jpg joyluscious_tricolor_july2013_flakies.jpg joyluscious_tricolor_july2013_dotticure.jpg joyluscious_tricolor_july2013_beetles.jpg
  11. All very nice! The first one is my favorite!!!
  12. This is amazing! Great job!
  13. I did a French manicure gradient. White on top and light pink on bottom.
  14. Here's a better picture.
  15. So precious!!

    Very nice!