Show Me Your Nail Art!!

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  1. This is soo pretty!
  2. Ahh my little sister would love this! I'd love to see what other pokemons you do for her!
  3. Thanks! :biggrin:

    This looks really lovely! So delicate but so pretty and sparkly! I love it! :biggrin:

    Heee, thank you! :biggrin: Looks like there might be a bit of an explosion of them soon; even some of the guys I know have requested pokemon on their toenails, haha! :graucho: :biggrin:
  4. What brand of stamping plates are you using? Are they a 'larger' size? Nice work!!!
  5. They are, which I love. I like my "regular" ones and all but the larger indie plates are great for full size designs.

    That specific one is the FUN2 plate from Fab Ur Nails. I have most all of her's and I love them. You can get them here:
  6. Thanks so much! Can't wait to check them out!!:happydance:
  7. Decided I needed a break from glitter...

    It looks black, but it's a navy blue (Ten Over Ten's Commerce).
  8. Wow! How did you get that "chalkboard" effect? Thanks!
  9. I used foil polish - Color Club gold and Sallie Hanson silver - and then used a matte top coat so the foils would pop.
  10. Very cool!
  11. This looks awesome! I love how it looks like a chalkboard! :biggrin: I also wandered through your blog the other day, and pretty much liked all of your manicures!
  12. I've seen people using acrylic paint for nailart, and since I had some out anyway (painting shoes!), I thought I'd try it out! Three coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher, details in black acrylic with a small detail brush, one coat of Seche Vite to finish. The pattern is based on what I remembered from a design done by Mr Candiipants on tumblr (if you haven't checked her out, she has a lot of pretty nailart designs!). I'm quite happy with how it came out; the 'texture' isn't as obvious in person, and the nail feels quite smooth!
  13. I LOVE this
  14. Senoshi - looks great


  15. Thank you so much!