SHOW ME YOUR...Multiples!!

  1. I have the Champagne Kristin Hobo, she does pretty well as far as not really getting dirty, but then again, I dont carry her too much for that reason:biggrin:
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    That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    This equals the lady that has/had all the Zoes, I think.
    Anyone remember that photo? Maybe she'll post here, I hope.

    Spoke too soon!!
    The Kristins are TDF.
    Talk about loving a bag...
  3. I remember that one, the Zoe queen. I think I found the thread, but it looks like only 19 Zoes. I love seeing all the multiples of the newer bags!

    And here's my favorite multiples thread (until now).
  4. All hail the Kristin queen ... I count 24, wow!!
  5. Wow...LOVE ALL THESE BAGS so far. I've only been wearing Coach about 15 months, and no way could I afford all these newer style bags...however...I came late to the Coach Legacy world, but I love the Leigh so much I had to start collecting, so this is my one really big indulgence, and all I am missing is Juniper Green to make me happy!! And my next collection will be more of the Poppy Willis but that's going to take some time. So, my OLD SCHOOL COACH thanks to eBay&Bonz :

    (Ignore the Lily and little Shoulder bags (top right)-can't drag these back out to re-shoot the Leighs with my hubby lurking around hehe) Whiskey, Raisin, Blue Suede, Black and Rose
    By jessi319 at 2012-08-17

    Cashin Skinny Totes: Burgundy, Black, White
    By jessi319 at 2012-08-17

    Willis Family: 2 Poppy Willis (Vermillion & parchment) 1 regular Willis, 1 City E/W Willis, & 2 Station bags so far)
    By jessi319 at 2012-08-17

    Whitneys: dusty blue? , black and hunter green
    By jessi319 at 2012-08-17

    Just multiples in regards to color/design. I Love Green and I love SUEDE
    By jessi319 at 2012-07-21

    NYC era matching Standard Totes in red and black
    By jessi319 at 2012-08-17

    Also have a set of Legacy lined turnlock totes in green and brown (top two in this picture) , but can't drag those out either so I'll just show the shot that they are included in:
    By jessi319 at 2012-08-17
  6. Very nice
  7. omg I'm going to be hunting your closet down LOL

  8. Thank you! I really love them all!:heart:
  9. I am in love with your collection!!!! :cloud9:
  10. I am loving this thread. All the bags are beautiful. And, the colors! Oh boy!
  11. :faint: I know you told me so....but OMG...I am in HAILEY HEAVEN!

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. I. Am. Speechless. This is a sight....cue holy music....ahhhhhh! :smile:
  13. WOW!

    OMG...I thought I was bad! I am so happy I started all this and want to THANK YOU for taking the time to participate!
  14. I didn't think I had any, then I remembered..... POPPY CINCH!


    (Too lazy to take a separate pic w/o wristlet, sorry.)

    Also have a pair of small leather wristlets in yellow and camel.