Show me your Mulberry Wallets!

  1. Lets see your wallets!!

    Here are mine, I have included the locked cosmetic bag - though I know technically it is not a purse! :p
  2. Here's mine, a small wallet in oak Darwin
    mulberry wallet.jpg
  3. Here is my Black Darwin wallet
    Black Darwin Wallet_Front_web.JPG Black Darwin Wallet_flap open.JPG Black Darwin Wallet_back.JPG
  4. I was sooo hoping for a vanilla wallet to go with my vanilla bayswater but ive been told they have been discontinued as last seasons colour etc :crybaby:
  5. have you tried phoning the outlet shops to see if they've got one they could mail out to you?
  6. Well I asked in the Mulberry shop and they didnt think I could get one anymore, I guess its worth a try though.....thanks :tup: