Show me your mini Peekaboos

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  1. I’ve done a search but can’t find a thread like this. I’ve recently sold my two regular sized Peekaboos as I just found them too large. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the mini. It’s small and works well crossbody as has a thin strap (works better than the lady Dior I also looked at) but also holds so much, my Louis Vuitton Sarah purse fits in! I think it may be the perfect bag for me! Classic too. Please coukd you post your minis or modelling photos with them? Will help enable me!

    Also, just wanted to check, the classic peekaboo won’t be discontinued to make way for the Essential?
  2. Purchased pre-loved, my first Fendi! I definitely want another one! unnamed3.jpg
  3. IMG_0725.JPG
    I like the pastel selleria minis the best.
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  4. This was from the 2017 Spring/ Summer collection. I love it!

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  5. Beautoful!
  6. Hi, How durable is nappa leather of Fendi Peekaboo mini?
  7. My first Fendi peekaboo's bought in April 2018
  8. Don't have a mod shot of the mini peekaboo although I wore her today and yesterday. I highly recommend the mini! Haven't had a chance to carry the Essentially yet paradoxically I have a mod shot... lol
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  9. IMG_1747.jpg

    Dove grey nappa, the leather is so velvety
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  10. I have a question for those who own the mini peekaboo: do you find it hard to get in and out of the bag? A few years ago when I checked out the “original” mini, I found the opening quite small and the metal closure would scratch my hand/watch. That’s why I was always on the fence with this bag. But recently I checked out the newer style (this one with the weave edges in particular) and I was surprised to find that the opening seems bigger than I remembered. I wonder if the difference is due to how the slight differences on how they do the edges hence the one with the edges done outwardly have bigger opening, if you know what I mean.

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    IMG_0822.JPG The minis are not necessarily a uniform size. For example, the scalloped-edge pearl calf on the left is slightly shorter and wider than the Selleria on the right. I don't have problems getting into the narrower Selleria, even with my Kindle, but I don't carry a huge amount in the bag either. I bought and returned the black whipstitch mini, but I didn't own the Selleria at the time, so I'm afraid I can't comment on the relative size there. Edit: oops, forgot to quote - this is in response to @hikarupanda above!
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  12. Thanks for the insights! Would you mind telling me why you returned the black whipstitch mini?
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  13. The black mini is a very nice bag! At the time, my first choice was the purple medium whipstitch (in my avatar), but I couldn't find it anywhere. In the end, NM had one last purple one available in its system, so I bought that one and returned the black.
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  14. 20180514_150428.jpg

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  15. Hi. Question about the mini peekaboo.
    I recently purchased a preloved peekaboo and I can’t find the hologram. All I found is the serial number and a sticker inside the RFID tag. Is that normal?

    I had it authenticated but I just want to double check with other peekaboo owners please. Thanks

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