Show me your mini bowling :) Thoughts on this style

  1. Just found the grenat mini bowling and white on sale. $720 ea. I love grenat and love the idea of the color. Will I be able to wear this bag over my shoulder? Maybe I have sale goggles? Thoughts?

    Would love to see your mini bowling bags.:yes:

  2. I have the same bag in black and I love it for it's inusual shape....I wear it always over my shoulder because the handles are bigger than a first or a city! It's not so mini because it's very roomy....
  3. I was hestitate about the mini-bowling style at first as well, but took a chance because I was able to find my HG color at the time in the mini-b...

    I am actually really glad that it worked out the way that it did, because the mini-bowling style is great!! You can fit a ton in it, but it doesn't look "huge" - also, it looks great with alot of stuff in it or minimal... Also, it does fit over your shoulder & is comfortable to carry there, I would hazard a guess that it would fit most ppl over the shoulder, as I have pretty broad shoulder... :smile:

    All in all, I think colors like Blueberry, Grenat, etc look great on the mini-b! I say go for it... I'm actually considering getting another one myself!;)
  4. ^ I agree! I'm using my black mini bowling today and I've been wearing it over the shoulders. It is incredibly roomy and light!
  5. :yes:Thanks ladies. What we do w/out each other:yes:

    OK, so the grenat mini is on it's way along with a white (not sure if I'm going to keep that or not)

    I also found a black mini bowling on sale. PM me if you want the store details.

  6. Z&J: Love my mini bowling in Grenat. It seems to go with just about anything and fits great over the shoulder, Here is a pic:

  7. aw Siri - still drool every time I see yours!
  8. are they still making the mini-bowling? I remember it in French Blue, but I don't remember any after that?

  9. Grenat was before FB. Not sure if they're still making it.
  10. I always thought anthracite would make a great mini-b
    I got a grenat yesterday too. I'm so excited!
  11. I just ordered the black minibowling presale from NM Palm beach!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited:yahoo:!!!!
    Thanks to Z&J for scoping it out!!!!!!! Can't wait for June 1st!
  12. I already posted this to another thread, but this is even more relevant here so sorry for the duplication ... vert d'eau mini-bowling:

  13. If anyone's still interested in a Grenat Mini bowling or Truffle bowling, please pm me. My SA has them on hold for TPF members.
  14. Oooo, Z&J! I thought you were keeping the Grenat Mini bowling for yourself! What to do.....stick with black or switch to Grenat???
  15. I actually really like the style and the roominess of the bag. I think that so many people have the first and city editions amongst the work sizes. If I saw it for such a great price, I would definitely snag one up. I like how it's a unique bag and how it's not as popular a style as the first or city. good luck! :okay: