Show me your Makeup Case - & what's in it!

  1. :biggrin: Show me pics of your current makeup case! I am on the hunt for a new makeup case, as the one I have seems kinda boring & impractical after using it for so long - but I can't seem to find anything that I like!

    Show pics of your daily makeup case and the daily essentials that you use from it! I am on the hunt for fun new products to go along with my new makeup case, as I feel I've gotten into a "makeup rut"... so suggestions from your essentials are appreciate as well!!

    I will start us off here...

    Pic 1 - Bare Essentials small train case
    Pic 2 - Bare Essentials train case open
    Pic 3 - Daily Essentials: Bare Minerals Fairly Light & Light Foundation, Bisque, Minerals, Nars Blush in Sin or Orgasm, Bare Minerals Glimmer in Queen Phyllis, Bare Minerals Eye Shadow in Vanilla Sugar, Bare Minerals glimmer in Sex on the Beach, Sephora eye lash curler, Bare Minerals Weather Everything mascara, Nars lip pot in Chastity, Sephora gloss in Rosy glow

    Notice a pattern?... :graucho: Help me out of my rut!!! I've tryed tons of brands, but can't seem to get out of my makeup boredom, suggestions appreciated!!

    (Searched for a similiar thread, but could only find a thread with lists, no pics! Sorry if it is in fact, a duplicate...)
    BareEssentialsCase1.jpg BareEssentialsCase2.jpg Dailyessentials1.jpg
  2. this thread is such a good idea! Here's my makeup case and makeup. As you can tell, i love MAC :smile:


  3. Yea!! :yahoo: Thanks for the replies ladies!! I've already gotten some great inspiration!!

    I always forget to stop in MAC, because of its placing in our mall... I get consumed in Sephora and there ya go!!

    I love that blue teal eye color from MAC - what is the name of that???
  4. Thanks! It's called Ingenue Blue
  5. what a fun thread!

    here's my traincase and my *beloved* brushes (that need to be cleaned)! lol.

    i added a few more things to my collection today (did some damage at MAC today - $145 to be exact!), which aren't pictured.

    i bought my traincase at a trade show in toronto. same manufacturer as japonesque (Japonesque: Professionals. Spas. Salons. You.).
    traincase_small.jpg brushes_small.jpg
  6. Ok, now I have to say that before you look at these pics.....I'm a working makeup artist/stylist so that's my excuse!! In fact, this is not even the makeup I carry in my purse every day.
    As you can tell. I'm partial to M.A.C., I'm a M.A.C. Pro and buy at 40% off retail so I go CRAZY in that store for sure!!! They have the best education, offer great classes and a wide range of SKU's. It is a line more based on heavy pigmentation so it's not the perfect choice for every skin type, look or shoot. But it rocks for me in most instances!
    But as far as other stuff, I love Chanel eyeshadows, they're very smooth. I love Urban Decay shadows cuz they're smooth and very frosty. My favorite concealer is Cle de Peau for acne, facial discolorations and dark circles or DermaBlend for tattoos and scarring.

    Foundations: I love Bare Essentuals for dewey, young, fresh makeup and M.A.C. Studio Stick or Studio Tech for retro looks, print work or night time.

    I love Dior Addict glosses over more matte lipsticks.

    And I love Color Revolution towers for eyeshadows. They're packed with pigment, have a high range of colors from mattes, to fantasy, to frosts.

    I didn't get everything out of the train case and photograph it so you could see it all cuz I kinda felt embarrassed! haha It sort of looks like a lot even as it is and if I tried to dig it all out, I might have buyer's remorse! I just keep telling myself, "It's a tax deduction! Sure...that's it!"

    Purses and Such 001.jpg Purses and Such 002.jpg
  7. [​IMG]
  8. GAH! i love your MAC eyeshadow palettes. i just bought the 'Amazon eyes:4' palette and i can't wait to use it!
  9. Oh my girls, all your make up collections are smashing. I will take pics of mine soon. I want to be a make up artist and so I am heavily into it. Kaye I love your brushes and Ilikemike65 your collection is massive. Do you have one of those makeup cases with wheels as well?
  10. I am loving everyone's collections!!! Thanks for all of the great ideas!! Keep the pics coming!! ;)
  11. (cont'd from my previous comments...)

    my essentials are (for personal use):

    - a good cream-based concealer. cream lasts longer than liquid, which is good, 'cause concealers last a long time!

    - 5 or 6 key eyeshadow colors: black, white, beige/nude, and three other colors that suit you depending on your skin tone.

    - 2 blushes: one matte color for daytime, and one frost color for night!

    - a good quality set of brushes! powder brush, blush brush, round eyeshadow brush, blender brush, angle brush, lip brush.
  12. This is what's in my make up bag. I rotate these cosmetics from day to day.

    I was trying to post pics but Im afraid I dont know how to. I tried copy and paste but it doesn't show. Sorry everyone kinda new to this.

  13. I don't have a makeup case on wheels because my session bag for hair is 4 times what my makeup session bag is and it's on I just throw my makeup on top.
  14. You can use the "Go Advanced" link and then use the little icon of a paperclip to attach pics. Just make sure that they're not too big or they won't work. There is also a site you can use to actually attach the picture directly to the post so it can be seen openly, without using a link but I am not sure just yet how to use it. I know if you search the site the info is there somewhere cuz' I read it at one time!! hehe Other's I am sure, will pipe in..............