Show me your LV Collectibles!

  1. Am curious.. How many of you ladies here buy select LV bags and never use them?? ie. you're just happy collecting them and admiring them every once in awhile? or just for very very very special occasions? :tender:

    If you do collect them, which ones are they? It's time to showcase your special ones!

    I'll start with my very special LV Red Irvine. :love:
    DSC06167.JPG DSC06169.JPG
  2. oh my that is gorgeous!!!
  3. AWwwww you're killing me...everytime I see that bag I go :nuts:. OK, my Cerises Pochette which I'm yet to use.
  4. londondolly, that is ONE HOT bag!!!:nuts::love: Make sure to post a pic of it in the Discontinued LVs club thread!!! I would LOVE to own one of those!!! It is one of the sexiest LV designs!!!
  5. The irvine is gorgeous!! I saw it in forest green awhile ago and was beginnig my mom up and down to let me get it. Alas I was unsuccessful.
  6. London: Oooooh wowwwwwww
    its stunning!!!! I think you should wear it soemtimes because you'ld turn sooo many heads with that bag :smile:
  7. :rolleyes: Maybe I should, gals! Maybe I should get my DH to bring me to the Ritz for dinner one nite! :yes: :yes:

    I also have another very special bag, the pink satin amarene... but that's in sgp currently and I dun have any pics of it on my pc!! I miss that soo much too!!

    Anyone who has that bag pls post a pic!!
  8. I LOVE Amarene!!!
  9. ^^I love it too! Actually, I love that entire line in pink :P
  10. Here's my "collectible":
    Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune (Thanks to John, jm311, for watermarking it for me ;) )
  11. omg, i haven't seen this line b4...this is so amazing! :love:

  12. i saw one on ebay, abs. TDF!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  13. omg. i love love love that bag.. hhaha it looks soo hot!
  14. Rebecca, your Demi Lune is HOT!!!:love: Did you see a pic of Sharon Stone (in Celebs with LVs thread) carrying it?
  15. That bag is to die for!! :love: