show me your LUCILLE.

  1. So since my last thread was unsuccessful.
    I decided to make a new one & hope for this one to give me the answer to my question.
    So recently.. my mr.wonderful won a cherry Lucille for me. (we're going to pick it up this Friday! Woo!)
    But I do find it small.
    I'm a small girl.. but I LOVE big handbags.
    I usually carry a checkbook wallet, a cometic pouch, my didgicam, & a "just in case that time of the month comes" pouch.

    So.. If anyone doesn't mind...... show your fully stuffed Lucille PM.
    Maybe stuff it with empty water bottles so I can get the idea of how much it can fit?
    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. I think there are a couple of lucille pictures in the showcase thread...
  3. mono mini club have some..or you can PM Jojo

    You will find out soon enough on Friday..
  4. JoJo replied with pics in your initial thread...