Show me your LARGE Ergos!!!

  1. I would :heart: to see some pics of you carrying a large ergo tote or hobo...

    THANK YOU! ;)
  2. BUMP!

    Please? :flowers:

  3. Aw--- thanks!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Roanoke. I grew up there... then my 'rents split and we moved to NY. As soon as I was married-- I moved back. LOVE this area!!!

    I recognize your handle... you are my legacy friend, yes?

    I CAN'T WAIT! :yahoo:
  4. I would move back to Southwest Virginia if I had the chance. I was only there for my 4 years at Tech, but I just LOVED Tech, the whole area, the people, everything!

    nm, just figured it out....YUP! that's me!!!

    I just pm'd you
  5. here is my large ergo tote i looove it!! :smile: i am 5'5 and voluptuous ;)

  6. Hehehe voluptuous.....thats me! :biggrin:
  7. Ugh Helpl!!!! You have now confused me:confused1:! I bought the medium ergo and have been trying to decide if it is to small. I am about the same size as you and that large ergo looks great!!! But my fear is that it I won't have enough stuff to put in it. People keep telling me that it is okay. But now I don't know.
  8. im sorry i confused u :smile: hehe

    i love the way the large looks i will be honest tho i dont use it as like an every day purse cause it is large, but i am also a student so its perfect for school

    and perfect for days i carry a lot but if i am just carrying a wallet, keys, cell, then i dont tend to grab the large ergo

    but regardless of that its such an amazing bag i really really love the look of the large!!! :smile: the smaller size i think on someone my size looks too small and makes me look even bigger! :smile: (which is not what i am looking for thank you very much haha!)

    I also have the medium ergo hobo thats more for just grabbing smaller stuff! :smile:
  9. Yeah, that is where the confusion lays. I feel the smaller one makes me look to big. And that is NOT the look I am going for.:nogood: But then I will be using it for my every day bag, so the smaller one makes sense. I am just as confused as I was before. But the large one looks great on you :tup:
  10. Girls, go for the GRANDE! (That's Spanish for BIG!:biguns:)
    Slush, yours looks great on you. Now dat's what I'm talkin' 'bout! I think a big bag on a large frame looks like it fits - a too small bag is like a too small shirt or pair of pants that leaves things pinched up or hangin' out. Here's a pic of my Hobo, although it is filled with the stuffing and not my stuff so it looks a little stiff and not slouchy.
    IMG_3670.JPG 3671redo.JPG
  11. ^ohh that large ergo hobo looks so great on you !!! And see the large bags look awsome on our skinny tpfers too! :smile:
  12. **Cheers** to our turquoise Ergos, Slush :drinks:
    You look beautiful in yours! (You look beautiful without it too :kiss: ) P.S. I hope your father is working his way back to good health. My thoughts good wishes are with you and him.
  13. Oh, lemme tell ya what I had to do to get that photo!!! Nearly broke my a** standing on the edge of the tub in heels!!