Show me your Kristin python Laila's!!

  1. I am planning on buying the Python Laila in mauve. She has been my UHG since it came out. I just wanted to get some feedback from owners of this bag.

    Pro's? Con's?

    Can you please post pics?

  2. I don't have the Laila, but I hope all that pick one up at the outlets will do reveals, etc.
    I myself tried it and the woven large Laila (?) and found them to be way too heavy. If they could have stayed the same weight w/my stuff in them I could've pulled it off...

    Deeply discounted now
    Fits over shoulder w/2 straps!!
    Did I say gorgeous???
    Lighter on the shoulder than the Mama Sage (but not by much)

    Still expensive
    NOT an everyday bag, unless you want to take extra trips to the chiropractor:p
    The fawn, shell, etc. Lailas have pretty delicate leather...I think the woven is sturdier...

    The slate woven large satchel is just stunning....I tried it at the FP store recently...They all are drop-dead gorgeous...

    Hopefully I've learned my lesson after returning numerous Laarrge bags because they felt like a ton of bricks when filled...even w/very little items in them...and the Laila has a lot of hardware on it...
  3. Here is mauve python

  4. OMG!!! She is beautiful.... Is the shade similar to the shell pink? Hmm... This pyrhon laila is also calling my name to take her home.. Might have to call the outlet tom
  5. Thanks for your input! It is just gorgeous! I'm hoping I can deal with the weight. I thought the baby sage was heavy as is. I'm determined to have it even if I'm carrying it with the bare minimum!!:graucho:

    Thank you for posting a photo!!:biggrin: How is she holding up? Are the scales lifting at all?

    I's TDF! The perfect colour and style. I hope you get one as well :smile:
  6. I don't have one but is very pretty! The SA told me the scales will lift over time especially on the back from rubbing against you but it's just normal wear and to be expected. She also said its definitely not an everyday bag, but a "take out to show it off handbag"
  7. Thanks for the info. :smile: I guess as long as it is rotated often I should be fine. I rarely use the same bag two days in a row so hopefully, it will stave off some of the wear and tear.
  8. You bet! It's a gorgeous bag no doubt. Please share pics when you get it!
  9. Wow That turned out sideways, sorry. I was on my new phone that I cant figure out. Its a beautiful color. I have had it for about 5 weeks. I get stopped whenever I carry it. I have not noticed any lifting but have only carried her a handful of times. I baby my bags too. I have python Abigail and I dont have any lifting on her and I have had her about 4 months. Good luck with your decision but the price is a STEAL.
  10. I will definitely share pics when I finally get it! :biggrin:

    This is great news! I was hoping that it would be a good review. I baby my bags as well and want them to look new forever. I just hope that if it does ever happen, it is a year from now. It is such an impressive bag :cool:
  11. I have this bag, its very pretty, the color is amazing... not pink and not mauve, but in between, just be careful with color transfer. For sure this is not an every day bag, because of the color and the texture of the leather. Dispite it is a big bag is not that heavy, as some of the hardware is made of resin.
  12. Shoebaglady, I thought I wanted this bag so badly. My outlet had both the shell laila and python mauve. Every python mauve bag I looked at had the scales lifting on the front pocket curve of the leather. Because the leather curves down for the front pocket it was so obvious and my eye went immediately to that point. I was so disappointed and could not talk my self into taking her home as it would drive me crazy. The color is wonderful, of course the size is large and the bag is no heavier than the regular laila,imo. I purchased the shell laila and don't regret my decision. If the python didn't lift on that front pocket I would have taken her home, but my A D D would not allow me to. Good luck I hope you have better sucess.
  13. Here's mine. Just love it!

  14. wowow that gray is pruddddy