Show me your keys ! Post pics of your Tiffany key

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  1. Hi.. Post pics of your Tiffany & Co key pendants. Love to see what you have to your heart :smile:
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468969691.488536.jpg

    My Tiffany key
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  3. Hi .. Thank you for your picture of your key.. What's the name of your key ?! Love it :smile:

    Here's a picture of my crown key. Sorry for a bad mod shot. Will take a better one soon

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  4. image.jpeg I love my Tiffany key!
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  5. Daisy key! IMG_1469153365.594020.jpg
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  6. I am in love with Tiffany keys.

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  7. I like the Daisy Key very much.
    This key is on my wish list.
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  8. Absolut an eye-catcher.
    I would love to have a big gold key myself.
    Hope new keys will come ....
  9. I have this key myself.
    Do you wear it on a long or short necklace?
  10. This key is perfect for layering.:biggrin:
  11. My newest Tiffany's addition - Tiffany Key heart key pendant in sterling silver (extended to 18"). ❤️

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  12. My keys image.jpeg
  13. These looks great layered together.
  14. Thank you :heart:
  15. Sorry for the delay in my response! I wear my key on a longer necklace from Tiffany. I believe it's 22 inches