Show me your key charms!!!

  1. I would love to see what key charms everyone has. It doesn't matter what brand it is just post pics!!!:heart:
  2. Here's the one I'm using now.
    got it from eBay.
  3. [​IMG]
    I just got these today. If I dont keep the coin pouch, it would be because I found something at the Columbus day sale which then would probably be a pucci, or if I decide on the Groom Cles.
  4. here are my keys.

    I used to have a ton of things on my keys until I got my cles.
    Picture 002.jpg
  5. I want to see more!!
  6. Here you go!:smile: Jack & Lucie Vuitton :lol: .
  7. ^^^ those are so cute!!
  8. Just picked this up in Paris- It's hanging on my Alma - have to get a picture better than this.
    Shrink 2.jpg
  9. ^^^So cute!
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