Show me your Kelly Dogs

  1. :nuts:Did they have any exotic skin bands? I'd love a bright gator band:smile:
  2. Sorry LA I dont think I recall there being exotics...just the standard brown, taupe (etoupe I thnk)...have you called them...exotics FLY out of that store...
  3. :shucks:I have not inquired about H Hour watches yet but I was planning on getting a pre-owned one:smile:
  4. thanks everyone, the orange is really like a ripe fruit i want to bite into!

    soooo soooo beautiful, congrats on a stunning bracelet lagirl!!! :hugs:

    amazing KD family balLVlover!

    lovely, i think you should go for it! can't get more classic!
  5. Kat, you may want to "pop up" a black matte gator with GHW, rather than PHW...just a thought, if it's available.
  6. Gorgeous!!! Oh my god!!! The black gator KD:nuts:
  7. Thank you!!!!:hugs:
  8. Beautiful:love:

    Gorgeous!! I want an H orange gator piece so badly!!!:cloud9:
  9. Congratulations! Orange is very juicy indeed. In fact, I find my mouth watering at the sight of any of H's bright colors!
  10. Very excited to finally be able to contribute to this thread after drooling over your KDs! I think I prefer it over the CDC for ease of wear.

    I'm not a huge color fanatic - I think I'm afraid to wear bright colors. But this surprisingly matches almost every outfit I wear. It is perfect with jeans!

    Sanguine lizard Kelly Dog

    And after calling every boutique in NY/NJ in a desperate search, I'm awaiting my Mykonos lizard from a lovely fellow tPFer! I will post pics as soon as I get it. Thanks for letting me share ladies!
  11. Stunning choice for your KD lizzie! Wear it well. Indeed, it is a neutral color.
  12. Congratulations, great score! I have seen KD in Mykonos lizard in my local H and it's tdf!
  13. Your H has the best stuff all the time it seems!
  14. LOL, I just go there very often, so I get to see most of the inventory once it goes on display:p
  15. Ha!! I would too if I was nearby H! :smile: