show me your juicy ears please!

  1. I have been looking at juicy jewelery for a while now and I love the stuff.

    I really like the charms to put on a bag but don't find a very cute one on the sites. I think I like cerises best so far.

    I also like the pave heart studs.:heart:

    My friend is going to NY in a couple of weeks and she can bring me something if I want ,so here are some questions for you:

    - can you show me a pic of someone wearing the studs? I have no idea about the size!
    - any suggestions on a charm that woul look cute with LV? azur or monogram.
    - Where in NY can she purchase them exactly?
  2. I don't have any pics but I have the crown studs...sooo cute...they were like 40 bucks.

    I also have the engagement ring charm that I hang on all of my speedy bags:smile:

    Try mall actually has its own Juicy store so I guess I am a bit spoiled!! LOL
  3. Is your friend going to NYC?. Go to Bloomingdales,Saks ect or the Juicy store ( I think there are a two Juicy Couture's in NYC. Also in NYC we don't have a Nordstroms=D
  4. Pink hearts
  5. Star studs and ginger bread charm

  6. i've never seen the star studs! I really like them!
  7. the star studs! I have the crown studs and heart studs (not pink but love the post of those too). They're great everyday light earrings.
  8. Thank you so much for the pics, :heart: they are really really cute but I would love to see someone wearing them.
    I always wear my hear in a ponytail and I just look silly wearing big earings, even big studs, they just don't look nice on me. So that's why I would really love to know how big they are.
  9. ^^ I'm not sure I could do so well with a camera angle on my ears, but on me they cover up the earlobe really nicely with just a little skin showing. And they lie flat. Hope that helps a little - ?
  10. i have a few pairs - the crowns, the pave hearts, the heart shaped studs in pink and a pair of dangly (sp?) ones with crowns on the top and round hoops on the bottom. my digital camera died, but i'll get my bf to charge it and take some pics later or tomorrow and post them. i don't find they're big at all. i have the large chanel rhinestone cc's and they are huge on me (too big IMO), but the juicy ones are much smaller.
  11. just read the rest of your post. i have a cherry charm that i use on my monogram speedy sometimes, looks really cute. i'll post a pic of that too with the earrings. as far as where to buy the earrings, tell your friend to try the juicy store. the one in boston had a big selection last time i was there, i would assume the selection would be simialr or better at the nyc store. i called around looking for the crowns and Saks only carries them on their website if that helps.
  12. How do you hook the charms on your Speedy. I have the little black Scottie dog charm and don't do much with him. He'd look nice on my Speedy, but I don't really know where to clip him.
  13. ok, here's some pics of my juicy earrings...they didn't come out very well, pretty hard to photograph. i couldn't get a good shot of the crown studs at all, but here are the rest.

    dangly crowns.jpg
    pave hearts.jpg
    pink hearts.jpg
  14. here's my cherry charm on my speedy. i attach it to the zipper pull. some of the girls on the forum attach charms with the pochette extender, which i'll probably end up getting eventually.

    sppedy with charm.jpg
  15. Aw thanks so much :love: !

    You seem to look great with the larger earings.
    I'm happy with the size and I'm going to "order" them from my friend.