Show Me Your Juicy Couture Purses

  1. I :love: Juicy Couture and I want to see pictures of everyone's purses. Here is my first Juicy.


    Here it is with my Juicy Charms. :graucho:

  2. :heart: Ok here is my gorgeous bag... :heart: like it?? x

    My Juicy Bag x.jpg
  3. i'll post tomorrow, dh's making fun of me lol!
  4. Ohh, can't wait for more pics!! I want a Juicy bag but would like to see some pictures first!
  5. ^^^ i will post pics, promise!
  6. Thank you for posting . Yes I like it . It is gorgeous. :drool:
  7. Hm, ILOVETOKIDOKI - which Juicy bag can you suggest? I definitely want a black one that's moderately sized... I was thinking the Baby Fluffy because I like the shoulder straps. But I LOVEEE the look of the bowler... although, do you know if it's comfy to carry?

    Also, how do Juicy bags hold up?

    Sorry for all the questions, but thanks in advance!
  8. before i'm a juicy hater but when i saw this bowler and also i saw a lady (she's pretty, she looks classy and w/ his son and dh) she's carrying a bowler and i thought that she looks fab! i guess some styles are not so bad at all! it made me feel young and girly-cutesy
  9. margarita, the bowler is comfy and although small, it can def. stuff a lot inside! but the fluffy is adorable too! i have read some forums that the juicy bags are long-lasting
  10. I have the princess z hobo in black and it is sooo cute. Some may not like the contrast stitching but i like it. It's a great medium sized bag. The leather is really soft and smooshy as well.
  11. Oh lala. I likey this post :biggrin:

    Here's a picture of my two Juicy babies!!! I hope to get more. I love JUICY!



    The big one is my favorite :smile:

  12. ^^fun bags girls!! reminds me of elle woods lol!
  13. i have the juicy couture laptop bag ( that i got yesterday) and the daydreamer bag.