Show Me Your Heat Stamped Speedies!!

  1. I'm planning to get my Black Epi Speedy 25 heat stamped on Wednesday and I can't decide what color I want or what colors you can choose from. Please post pictures of your heat stamped speedies to give me ideas. Thanks!!
  2. Anyone have anything that is heat stamped?
  3. i got my luggage tag heatstamped but i havent got a pic, sorry. i had mne done in gold. the classiest colour i thought. the blue is very nice though, it would look great on something damier.
  4. Match the stamp color with the hardware color. So go for silver. LV website has a whole thing on heatstamping now, so check it out. There is also a seperate thread dedicated to it.

  5. Thanks Everyone!
  6. my LV store doesnt do stamping on speedy, only on wallet :sad: