Show me your GH wallets!

  1. I'm interested in getting a GH money wallet, but I don't see much love for them. :confused1: So come on, show me your Balenciaga GH wallets! Help me make my decision!!
  2. I saw one in Ocean in Paris with SGH which was gorgeous... I thought about it!
  3. I dont think its that theres not much love. just that its rather new and not that many lying ard. I personally think its nice and if i had not already gotten my violet money with RH i'd have bought one in a jiffy!
  4. i didn't know there existed GH wallets!! oh i'd love to see a picture..!
  5. I think they're just hard to find! I love the money wallet with any hardware.
  6. has anyone got one of these babies yet??
  7. I saw some at NM short hills last weekend - they had black, sandstone and ...pine? i dunno, it was a dark "forest" green. SUPER SUPER cute i gasped when i saw them. matches GH bags perfectly. wish I took a pic for you guys!
  8. Someone recently posted a violet sgh money wallet I think...
  9. I was looking at a violet SGH coin purse last week. It was seriously cute but I decided that I wouldn't want it inside my bags for fear of the contents getting completely scratched by that giant hardware.