Show me your fave charms for Damier bags, & help me choose!

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Which charm for Ebene Saleya GM? ❤

  1. Insolence Ecaille

  2. Insolence Pink (colour mix)

  3. Tapage

  4. Trunks & Bags Charm in Pomme

  5. Trunks & Bags - other colour

  6. Monogramouflage

  7. Other charm - please tell me!

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    Hello Louisphiles!

    I'm over the moon and super excited because I have a Damier Ebene Saleya GM on it's way to me! I'll have it soon, within the next 3 weeks probably, and since I can't stop thinking about it I've inevitably started pondering the perfect accessory for my new beauty.

    This darling will be my any-reason, any-season, all-weather bag, and will mostly be a work bag as I can pour my whole life in there, computer included, and she'll hold it all safe'n'sound and won't even burp! It is a large bag though and that means a large amount of Damier canvas, so I'd really love to find the perfect bag charm to adorn my new beauty with. Also it's my first large Damier bag and one I've lusted after and wanted for months now, so it's pretty exciting for me and a gorgeous charm would be like the cherry on the top!

    I do need help deciding though which would look most fab against the Damier canvas. I'm not a girly girl and so 'pretty' looks like a bandeau tied upon her or dingly dangly Pastilles are a bit sugary for me. I do already know the Trunks & Bags Charm in Pomme looks amazing against Damier, because I had both this and a Damier Deauville briefly and the combination was just astoudingly striking. Before I take the easy route and track one of those down again though it'd be great to hear what you all think would look best and to try something new.

    Off the top of my head as well as the T&B Charm I also love the Monogramouflage charms, the Tapage, and also the tortoiseshell Insolence especially (though the bright one is neat!); but aren't sure how any of these would look against Damier. With the Monogramouflage I do think that might be best saved for my next HG, the Monogram Totally, due to that vachetta leather piece attached to them being perfect to go with vachetta leather handles of a Mono bag. The only other thing to keep in mind is that I'm a bit thingy about the metal hardware tone matching, so would need it to have gold-tone hardware.

    Sooo clearly I need some advice! I'm not only considering these ones, they're just the easiest to think of since they're current stock. If anyone has photos of charms upon their Damier bags I'd love to see them - feel free to post tons of shots and show off your beauties! :woohoo:

    Damier Ebene Saleya GM:


    Insolence in Ecaille and Pink:




    T&B Charm in Pomme:



  2. I really like the Tapage. T&B is too bulky IRL. And the others are too small IMO.
  3. Franks - I love the monogramouflage much much more than the others.
  4. T-t-t-tapage!!
  5. Ooh.. I love them all! My personal choice right now is the Insolence in the tortoiseshell Ecaille way, I can use it on the Monogram bags too and it really is gorgeous. I don't think it'll clink and clatter and chink as I walk so much as the metal charms either. I also love the Trunks & Bags metal charms, the medallions, but gosh they make a racket if you waggle them around! :Push: I need stealth, baby! :ninja:

    As much as I love them I think though I've decided that the Monogramouflage will wait until I get the Monogram Totally GM. Then I'll put the brand new Mono'flage charm upon my brand new Totally and the patina on them both can grow old together! Yup, I'm weird like that, I've done the same thing with my Congo PM and the Panda Clefs - they're paired for life so that they age at the same rate, hahaha! :blush:

    Or is vachetta mixed with the Ebene leather not such a big deal? To me it seems odd.. like mixing silver and gold. It makes me vapour lock to think of, makes my brain hurrrt. :wacko:
  6. I like things that are more classic....I think the Insolence Ecaille or Tappage and Pastille in Brown would compliment your Saleya...

    Here is my Damier Ebene Trevi with Brown Pastille....just an idea what it looks like..


    Still awaiting my Insolence Ecaille Bag Charm...

    Good Luck...FrankieP
  7. I have the brown Insolence and I love it on a damier bag!
  8. the tapage looks best on the damier ebony. i tried it on the store for my speedy and even all the SAs reacted with approval and said it best compliments the ebene pattern. i want it so bad but dont have the budget yet.
  9. I vote for the Tapage.......but I'm biased because I just purchased it!

    Surprisingly, it doesn't clink and rattle when I'm carrying it. I tried it out on my Galliera this weekend shopping and it didn't make any noise except when I bumped up against a display. (Clumsy me!)

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  10. Thw Tapage goes best with Damier imo but it goes with everything actually!
  11. Ooh thanks everyone for your thoughts.. :ty: ..tapages are certainly doing well!

    Off to dig up some pics of them inparticular then, someone here's bound to have a shot of some on Damier............
  12. t&b in rose pop... can't go wrong with pink and brown!
  13. I voted for Monogramouflage. I love those charms + I think it will look great on Damier.
  14. Tapage or the Monogramoufluage!! Congrats on your new Saleya