Show me your epi!


hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
Ok. So, I know there is a thread/forum for showing off your beautiful pieces, but I CANNOT find it for the BLACK EPI SPEEDY! Or any other epi speedy with great pix.
I am trying to buy one off ebay, but I still have a couple of questions. Recently I have aquired the info that the epi black 25 doesn't have a lining, it's more like the back of the epi material showing on the interior.
Can't find any info on where the date code is *SUPPOSED* to be. Is it red stamped? Is it on a tab, or on the interior under the flap the way it is in mono speedies?
Do they all come with that exterior slit pocket on the end? Is it on one or both ends?
Can someone show their pride and helpfulness and post me a link or some pix?
Do epi speedies have the same 5 stitches across the top of the handles, or is it 6?:rolleyes:
thanks for your help with all the little details guys!


Aug 28, 2006
^^^ You should post this in the authenticate this thread. I think they will have the answers your are looking for :yes: Also you can put links to the auctions you are looking at. This will give you and the authenticators visuals to compare.

If you want to see my pictures of my Epi go to Bags Bags Bags and look up Ghost's LV collection Mooooo ha ha ...I hope I helped...;)