Show me your Elgin

  1. I would like to see an authentic Elgin, so I know that to see after on eBay.
  2. Here's my chocolate Elgin (keeping my oak Emmy company :lol:):

  3. Dita, O/T but is that a Stokke Xplory you have?
  4. Could you take some pictures inside?
  5. MCIS - it's an old photo so I can't do inside pics at the moment. I'll do some next time I use it though - probably Thursday, actually, as seeing it again has made me want to use it (it's currently packed away in its storage box!).

    ETA If you find any Elgins on eBay, post them on the Authenticate This thread at the top of the page.

    Orkney - last time I posted this pic (on another forum) someone else noticed my buggy, too! Yes, it is an Xplory and I :heart: it.
  6. I think if your spending any decent amount of your hard earned cash,I would go into a big department store(maybe one that has late opening if your in work all day?)and have a really good look at one and ask the sales person for advice too,they are usually very willing to help out if you are straight with them from the start.I did this when I was looking for an alternative color and shape to my large chocolate Roxanne,something that would go with paler summer clothes etc.When I had had a really good look at one IRL I decided
    to wait and save a little longer and have a brand new one,and wow was it worth it!! I went for the Elgin in oak,and it is a fantastic bag,holds loads of stuff-mine,Sopheis(15 months) and occasionally my husbands bits and peices,its a very lovely bag,and I would be desparately upset if I had spent a lot of money on a fake,check it out IRL for yourself first,hope what your looking at is the real deal and you get a fab bargain!!!!
  7. finally worked out how to put pix on here,so heres my beloved Elgin!!!! plus an idea I had to get at my keys without having to fish about as it is a very deep bag!!
    my collection of stuff!!!! 014.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 026.JPG