Show me your ducky =)

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  1. Can anyone take a close pic of their Dooney duck FOB from the AWL line?
    I often see these bags in consignment stores and such and I want to know what to look for in a genuine one - this is the only thing I can't find a pic of somewhere else.
    Thanks =)
  2. Sorry, I don't have a pic right now. The best I can describe is that it's a slightly elliptical smooth shape with the duck symbol sort of embossed in it. The duck is just a silhouette of a duck, and is colored in different colors on different bags - I've seen blue, dark blue, yellow and orange. It's atached to the bag by a strip of leather in the same color as the bag. This strip is has no stitching on it. These are the duck fobs from the AWL II line.
  3. I'm mostly curious about the brass or gold coloured duck that's rasied up a bit.
  4. One of the main things is the water in the background has some texture. I am so comfy right now but I will get a photo of the fob and patch up soon. Interesting thing, the fob can be different sizes, a small bag I had had a skinny fob!

  5. LOL - thanks - I await your 'uncomfyness' :p
  6. Here you go! This is the last one I have, I make sure bags I sell have them on so this is it. They are heavy and brass. This one had some strange red stuff on it that took quite a lot of brass powder and a stiff scrubbing to remove.[​IMG]

    Many found bags aren't going to have this fob, look for nice leather patches, the brass button on straps , proper tan pockets and the embossed rivets as well.[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Yes, I am uncomfy. It is over 100 degrees here so I am dripping! Going to see if DH would like to go to the coast where it should only be in the 80s. Oh, my nail polish is really nasty looking after the brass cleaning too. Whine, whine, whine. At least I get to talk bags, that is always fun!
  8. Thanks so much for getting that for me Kathy - 100 degrees? I am so jealous - it's the last day before I go back to work and I wanted to go to the water park with my kids (and perhaps get a tan) but no :sad:

    I notice on the FOB that it looks like DOONEY rather than D00NEY (the roundness of the O's). Is this a concern in Dooneyland?

    Here's a bag I have - I can't find the FOB right now because I took it off to use as a keychain and lost it =(
    But if you look at this pic you can se the 00's
    Also - there are more pics of this bag here - can you take a look?
    Thanks =)

  9. Here's one I found on eBay - see how the O's are rounder?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I've seen it both ways, I don't think it's something to worry about. Dooney bags have a very good finish that can't be duplicated by fakes. Small details like how the ends of the zip are held down by stud closures, the solid brass finishings etc.
  11. Looks like yours is newer. Older bags used whiter thread like the duck I photographed. Newer ones had yellow thread. This cavalry design is one of the oldest Dooneys. I have seen a 1986 ad showing it along with the equestrian and Gladstone satchels. I know the rivets holding the metal plate have varied over the years as well. Newer ones have the double dome, old ones were a simple dome. Cool that you even have the real name of the bag!