Show me your down jackets!

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  1. I'm on a search for a down jacket and would love to see what everyone else will be wearing this winter!
  2. Just bought this . It is actually a ski jacket but I am going to wear it anywhere


    Also bought this longer one

  3. This is mine! It was expensive but worth every penny.
  4. Does the ski one have a zipper on the inside? And where did you get your's - is it available online?
  5. Yes it has a zip and press studs . There is also a drawstring at the bottom
  6. What brands are these. Is the short one actually Dior?
  7. Yes the short one is Dior ,I bought it from their Bicester outlet store UK along with another coat.
    It was around £700 when the retail would have been around £2,000
    I was very lucky to get them as they never have a huge supply of sizes.
    The navy blue one is Schneiders
  8. [​IMG]

    I bought mine last year, I like to mix and match with it. My style has changed a bit since then lol, but I was feeling wild that day!
  9. I'm a huge fan of Peuterey

  10. I'll be wearing this suede down jacket I bought in June.
  11. Wow I love this color
  12. ^^ me too !
  13. The color in this picture looks a little off, like the green has blue undertones. I tried to correct the color in the picture below. It's still not 100% right I'm afraid (not vivid enough) but a little bit closer to real life, like a darker forest green. So maybe you won't like the color anymore.
  14. Got this last year. I'll be wearing it again this year while I'm on the hunt for my next one. Please excuse the dirty mirror in the second pic :shame:
  15. I still like it, it's very special :smile: