Show Me Your Denim Handbags!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have not been able to view these bags IRL, so I am starting this thread so that I may be able to view some of you guys bags and I can make a decision on which denim LV to purchase.
  2. Get the Baggy PM! :smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I have a mini pleaty that I'm currently selling... But here it is.
  5. I would show you my baggy gm but I don't know how to post a photo on here:shame:
  6. I don't have any pictures to post yet, but the neo speedy and the baggy pm are really great choices for your first denim lv bag.
  7. Just a few pic's for you in different lightening...

  8. ^^^OMG! Have you EVER used your speedy?! It looks SO NEW!!!
  9. I Know Right!
  10. Was that related to my post ?
    If so yes i've used it about 3 times .. i'm scared to use it.

  11. I have not looked at the Denim in person... Could someone tell me what the interior is like?
  12. [​IMG]
  13. :love: just love that bag ..

  14. I love the Neo Speedy! Great pics, LV_addict. :smile: